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Welcome to the Lithuanian “Burning man” type art madness which never ends and keeps expanding

*Meet me in Vilnius

photography by C. Cesnakevicius

Welcome to Uzupis Republic. Artist area: very boho-type district in one of the oldest and the most authentic locations of Vilnius (my home city and capital of Lithuania). Charming, unique, mad, mysterious and a must visit place in Europe. Expected the next Christiania (Danish autonomous neighborhood of artists in Copenhagen)  of Europe - to be.

Uzupis - politically very straight forward, brave, active, initiative and supportive area in the worldly issues, such as Tibet, Nepal, other controversial topics.

In the photo: white stork in the main square of Uzupis, graphically mixed with a hint of the desert.

White stork is one of the most iconic, symbolic, very closely culturally related, yet sadly extincting, birds of Lithuania. White storks every year leaves Lithuania to spend winters in Morocco, more warm deserted areas, and each spring they come back home to Lithuania to expand their families here. It’s also believed by Lithuanians for hundreds of years now, that if white storks build the nest in the territory of your home - it’s a blessing and good luck. If you get to see the even number of white storks - it’s going to be the promising year for those who look for the partner in life or / and wish to expand the family with the newborns.

Galera - gallery, place for summits, workshops & summer night cinema in the open-air

Come to Uzupis, experience the unique atmosphere. If you are an artist - it’s a perfect place for inspiration. I would definitely suggest to come and join other artists from all over the world, to create something new, great and unconventional. There is no place to be exactly like Uzupis anywhere in the world - which means it is a true undiscovered Gem & treasure on the map of the world. I would call this place “Burning Man type art madness with Lithuanian twist which never ends and keeps expanding!”

Meet me in Vilnius!



Rodyk draugams

Ultimate sophistication according to Leonardo da Vinci

need practical example? see and adore below.

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Sunset Flashbacks

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Catching up of friends in old days crime of crazyness! (July 9th, 2012. 9:36 P.M. - good to have looong evenings with light in summer times in Vilnius!). Having a drink with Egis right after coming back from couple of months in Delhi. / (weird way of kinda celebrating my diploma in Diamond Grading - woop woop!)

From Restaurant “Tores” in Uzupis district (Montmartre of Vilnius). View: Gediminas castle in the horizon).

p.s. In the photo there was nooooo photo shop used to get this spectacular view!!!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Ice fairytale of Vilnius 2012

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Sparkly and frosty February 2012 in Vilnius old town from the bank of river Neris. View: Gediminas castle anno XIVth century (in red bricks on the left), Taikomosios Dailes Muziejus / Museum of Applied Art (in white below Gediminas castle), Lietuvos Naciolinis Muziejus / Lithuanian National Museum (further to the right) and the tower of Vilnius Cathedral (original construction of Cathedral anno 1251 AD).

Vilnius old town is a part of UNESCO protected architectural objects.
Photography by: Laimonas Ciūnys

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Independence in green fairytale land - Lithuania

MINUTE FOR EDUCATION: Today is the day when my country in 1918 got INDEPENDENT! And let it remain this way in green fairytale land - Lithuania!

(Sereikiskes Park - in the middle of Vilnius old Town on the bank of river Vilnele and Uzupis district)

Vakar “Cozy” sutikau Vilniaus herojų, Kunigaikštį :D Jis jau iš vakaro sveikino su Vasario 16-os švente ir sakė, kad būtinai bus jos minėjime šiandien! Tiesa, Vasario 16-os proga prašė 2 cigarečių ir darkart GARSIAI pabrėže, kad visi išgirstų, jog jis tikrai bus Vasario 16 minėjime.

Su nepriklausomybės diena!



Rodyk draugams

Give it up for 2 x V: Vilniaus Vartai

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Give it up for 2xV: Vilniaus Vartai (eng. Vilnius Gate)

“Vilniaus Vartai” - luxurious shopping mall above Gelezinis Vilkas street and on Gediminas Avenue (partly built on officially the widest bridge in 3 Baltic countries).

Cheers, my Dears,


Rodyk draugams


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