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Barcode: edgy & luxurious

This is how my state of mind & perception looks like visually:

They say that sometimes it takes even longer than the life lasts to finally figure it out - who you are, what you like and love, what you stand for and most importantly who&what is ‘yours’ from the bottom of the heart, when no social cliches are applied and you’re absolutely honest with your self no matter what.

…At other times it just clicks, downs on you when you meet someone or see something and you just know - it’s yours. After that you may start the denial part, but I guess that is just too little too late, since subconscious mind just spoke louder than what so ever else could.

Here’s my subconscious mind out loud - I saw and just knew that that’s exactly what I always had in my mind while mentioning “the most edgy in commercial state of mind environment and the most commercial in edgy state of mind environment”.

behind the scenes:

this is the original photo (see above), which caught my attention (while by the very first glance it got completely sold by mix of YSL & tattoo on hand in one pic). Though, after the mere moment, when I noticed the face, I realized - this part is already a bit over the top even for me. Still must admit - generally it looks really kinda cool, ah? ;)

..And some people say that there are no coincidences in life, but let’s leave this part to discuss the other time. I’ll just mention that couple of days back I shared this video on my facebook wall with the comment “worth watching”, now after almost finishing this blog post I noticed - it’s the same guy.

Last thing to say? - undoubtedly - LIFE’S BEAUTIFUL & FULL OF SURPRISES!

p.s. What’s your barcode?


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DJXXI far Kingdom: Hairless, but still king!

Before you start reading you must know: THIS SHORT STORY IS 100% BASED ON TRUE FACTS!

INTRO: many people answer arrogantly to all questions: “google it, before asking”. Supposingly google has all possible answers and no one is genius enough to come up with new question, since supposingly there would always be someone else who already asked it before that question popped to your mind.


even though there might be this small possibility of someone already asking THE Question but obviously google hasn’t come up with the direct answer to that for sure! (i just googled it. here’s the proof below)


A little bit info about this DJ, who just shaved his head and turned Delhi into the crazyness of the hottest news buzz online INTERNATIONALLY!

His official stage name is DJ IrAn, but he’s better know as … KING IRAN or KING OF PERSIA. (!!!!! not too shabby, ain’t it?!!!!) So what usually happens is that if you’re calling to this Mister’s mobile phone there are two possible things of what happens next: either no one picks up, which basically means “tray later” or there would be his friends-family-colleagues-soul brothers from soul city, who’d be picking up his phones. People who work with him sometimes refer to him as KING. They also correct and even kindly remind to new people that this dj guy is a KING. And they could easily name a hundred reasons why he is KING.

It also must be highlighted, that his colleagues, his friends and other people truly love his personality, actually even people who just met him 15 minutes ago are surprisingly positive about this dj, who’s constantly called as KING!!! There are never-ending messages on this guy’s wall from people all over the world, writing, how they are missing him and parties and awesome time together. They also express that they will never forget those great moments and next to that while commenting on some other posts on his wall they never forget to add LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!“. Are you already a bit shocked, intrigued and questioning your self what kind of person that must be and how you’d respond to this in case you’d happen to be around? - then continue reading further!

If you spent some more time with this dj guy and the amazing gang of Soul City, you don’t even realize how quickly you get used to when people name “KING” in the context and you easily already subconsciously respond who they’re talking about. Let me ask you, how you would react, if for instance you’re hanging out with a bunch of people in the party and suddenly someone comes and says “Guys do you want to order anything? We have some time left, since KING is busy dealing with one or the other thing”? Pretty, awesome, right? :DDD

TRUE TRUE and nothing else but TRUE

these were the further happenings after the DJ shaved his head:

1. the other already bold for a long while DJ, a friend of the KING, makes the official announcement on facebook telling:

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD !! THE CELEBRITIES ..:)) HAHAHA Pitbull, Bruce willis , Vin diesel , Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson. :))”

…or… as the legendary Jorge proudly from Barranquilla sends the opinion of the new (bold) hair style to the DJ. Jorge’s statement tells it all: sure ur the king! hairless, but still king!”


so obviously from now on when you ask google “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DJ SHAVES HIS HEAD” the answer you should get is from google is “HE’S HAIRLESS, BUT STILL KING! LONG LIVE THE KING!”. At least that’s what happens in the reality of DJ IrAn!

p.s. And some info for non royal status holders, let me remind you that no one is perfect after all in this word. Sometimes even kings don’t know it all, or at least what’s the capital of Lithuania. Which is why, when after advice to “google-it”, they respond “yeah, right, how could I forget it - GOOGLE-IT is the capital of Lithuania” :D AAAAaaand no matter how clearly you pronounce it ;), you realize that everyone has their own spaces still to fill to reach their perfection & wisdom to claim their royalty, unique personality, ultimate goal or whatever else you’d like to call it.

p.p.s. One more important thing to be noticed, if kings exist, who said that wish of becoming a princess or a queen is just a dream? I’d call it more like a goal. Or the way to lead very boutique & rock star lifestyle which matches king’s and is just easy&fun for both to ride the same road in wonderland / kingdom / reality of life together. Actually.

Long live the king!

Always Yours,

Madam G.

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Some rules apply


1. Jeigu tavo namas sugriuvo, pradėk statyti naują. Nesistenk senojo surinkti iš nuolaužų.
2. Jeigu tau atrodo, kad gyvenime reikia kažką keisti, vadinasi tau neatrodo…
3. Pažiūrėk į laikrodį. Rodyklės juda tik pirmyn. Praeitis nebeturi jokios reikšmės.
4. Visada žmogui duok antrą galimybę. Ir niekada – trečios.
5. Tie, kurie nepasiduoda, sukuria tai, kuo niekas netikėjo.

6. Kelias, kuris vadinasi “Vėliau”, veda į šalį, kuri vadinasi “Niekada”.
7. Tie, kurie pasiekė viršūnę, nukrito ant jos ne iš dangaus…
8. Kai atidarai langą į ateitį, nepamiršk uždaryti durų į praeitį…kad skersvėjis neišpūstų dabarties.
9. Pas optimistus pildosi svajonės. Pas pesimistus - košmarai.
10. Niekada nemažink reikalavimų vien todėl, kad kiti negali jų pasiekti.
11. Savo gyvenimą geriau pradėti tvarkyti pačiam, kol gyvenimas nepradėjo tvarkyti tavęs.
12. Prisimink, kad anksčiau ar vėliau tavo vaikas pradės sekti tavo pavyzdžiu, bet ne patarimais.
13. Tas, kuris paskui save sudegina visus tiltus, turi būti puikus plaukikas
Big thumbs up and even bigger THANX to Inga 13 points to be added to the wisdom our lives.
Cheers, My Dears,

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The art of love in black & white: kama sutra from barranquilla


Right from the fb wall of one and only Jorge Aristizabal - the guy from Barranquilla,  where Shakira’s from, but this guy is thousand times more proud about being Barranquillian than Shakira is. Perhaps, there’s something to learn from JORGE! about the appreciation of one’s roots, right Shakira? ;))

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

The world is a book


Perbadanan Putrajaya Complex (the modern interpretations of Islamic architecture). In the center is Palace of Justice where the Malaysian Court of Appeal and Federal Court , which moved to Putrajaya from the Sultan Abdul Samad Building in Kuala Lumpur in the early 2000s.

Have just found this wisdom (”Pasaulis yra knyga, ir tie, kurie nekeliauja, skaito tik pirmą puslapį”) of fb wall of “Voyage-voyage”. I’d definitely recommend to check up on their website or fb page for more, if you’re always curious for more, always up for travelling, getting to know people and cultures, aren’t afraid of not knowing what happens next and always bow down to old civilizations in exotic parts of the world, sometimes even in the middle of no where :))

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” St. Augustine.

p.s. “…If you read a page of a book you get a taste of what the book is about. By reading the book, you get to know the author”


Cheers, My Dears,


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Press the magic. button!


My today’s fb wall post: “Today’s Official - FAIL DAY! completely!”

And then my dear Milda, Indie chilled yet really cute looking ”junkie” (dzhiast dzoking) girl, made my day with this: (


And my problem was solved! I press the button and magic happened!



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Wisdom and stupidity @ Ex-communism

Stolen with the pride from Agne There fb wall. Thoughts of Frédéric Beigbeder on education level of Lithuania:

“Lithuanians are smarter than Parisians. Since on TV there was only Brezhnev and ballet, Lithuanians were forced to read. While in the west everyone was spoiled by all kinds of enterntainments, excommunistic countries got much more educated. I know, now in Vilnius there are night clubs called “Gravity” and “Galaxy”. It means that soon you’ll be as stupid as we are.”

Frédéric Beigbeder @ Vilnius Book Affair

“Lietuviai protingesni už paryžiečius, nes buvo priversti skaityti, kai per televiziją rodydavo tik Brežnevą ir baletą. Vakaruose visi išlepę nuo įvairių pramogų, o ekskomunistinės šalys labiau išsilavinusios. Žinau, kad Vilniuje veikia tokie klubai kaip “Gravity” ir “Galaxy”. Vadinasi, ir jūs tuoj būsit tokie kvaili kaip ir mes.”

Frédéric Beigbeder

Vilniaus knygu mugėje

Cheers, My Dears,


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