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Handmade fancy-shmancy Heaven on Earth

*On Sundays Even Jesus Is Having Lazy Afternoons

.. but I wasn’t! I was on a mission! I had these 8 meters of two colors massive ribbon-rope huge beads decorated necklaces bought in India loooong time back and had no clue what to do (with them). So eventually the enlightenment (:D ) has come! I turned them into the pretty cool absolutely wearable tribal - fashion forward necklace. I must mention, pretty heavy necklace.. And by “pretty heavy” I mean 1,03 kg of heavy necklace. Yet still, you must admit, it really looks kinda cool and it’ll definitely work perfectly well as statement jewelry piece for me!

p.s. Yeah, Jesus, keep lazying around, while I will keep building my version of the Heaven on the Earth. Colorful, sparkling, edgy, exotic and fancy-shmancy Heaven on Earth!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

My Dear Taj, where do your midnight runaways take you to?

Open air verandah at Taj Palace, New Delhi

I’m so flattered to be able to share with you one of my favorite places of my life in New Delhi! We’ve had some awesome midnight runaways and serious discussions with my Indian brother of another mother here. The first time I was taken here by him was because everything else in Delhi was already closed since it was just simply really too late night. Yet this place is always welcoming! And even though it’s not allowed to sit at the tables outside along the pool during the night, we’d always somehow convince the wonderfully hospitable staff to let us to do that! And last but not least, actually the most important - what we would always order - THE CAMOMILE TEA served with piece of heaven tasting almond biscuits! Oh, and sometimes, when it would get more like a really early morning than late night, the peacocks would start their early morning serenades behind the garden. Just like a fairytale in the XXIst century, ah? ;) If you ever happen to be in Delhi, India, this experience is something you simple must go through your self. Really.

I mean, really, what could you beat the cozy or sometimes extremely intense yet always interesting chats in amazing midnight under the mood shine in the middle of Delhi, yet quiet like in the space, pool side open air verandah with beautiful exotic jungle-like Taj Palace garden and hot camomile tea reminding own home and camomile aroma soaked endless meadows in Lithuania with?!

Cheers from sentimental memory card called “Home away from Home. New Delhi Edition”


Rodyk draugams

Past-me catches up with present-me to confirm future-me

It’s been thousands of times I faced this phrase “even if something wrong happens today, it always leads to better tomorrow“. I was almost about to call this phrase “so yesterday”, since it has seriously been used for too many times, BUT..

Sooo… Even though I stock my info on PC, 2 hard discs and Mac, there’s never enough space. When I decided to get a new movie downloaded it was just too obvious that it won’t be happening unless I erase some serious amount of stuff from my Mac. That’s the point where the wrong (too fully packed Mac) brought me to pretty amazing point of my life. Of course to delete things with closed eyes is just too cruel procedure for me, so I have to check every single thing before it goes to trash. I just opened one document and found  4 lines written down there. I had no clue what any of them meant, but the use of hyphen was a hint that there is a huge possibility it leads to music. (Since the early days I have a habit to write down the song the moment I hear it and like it. Even if it’s in the middle of the desert - i still do that! I mean it!) So I checked the last written line in that document on youtube (the line was “The Go! Team - Get it together”) BTW, the original date of the document brought be back to 2008 September 28. That time I was working as an on-air presenter of the radio show at the most popular “MTV”-type national radio station in Lithuania..

On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:


If someone asked me about my present now, especially to describe it, I’d run out of words immediately. The only things I could say, would be “Transition“. This year (as in my 23 year) was pretty crazy - radical and life changing. It just suddenly dawned on me to switch to completely different career path. So in short, I’d say that somehow during this year I managed to loose my passion for the things I had been doing for ages (which always had made me feel so confident about my self and secure), to come up with an idea to leave everything behind and dive into the very beginning of everything. I flew half of the world for my potentially new career studies (till then I had no clue about diamonds or what so ever..), I quit my job (in music industry) and I decided to become an expert in diamonds & fine jewelry & generally to focus on niche luxury lifestyle industries. (…and actually, to my surprise, not so long after I came back home with my new diploma, it already got claimed publicly: photo of me and my friend from “Fashion Night 2012″ main event got published in lifestyle magazine with the title “media communication expert (my friend) and diamond grading expert (me)”) I spent big part of the year talking to people, how to understand who I am, how to rediscover my passions, how to find the inner peace, how to start hearing my intuition again, I reevaluated pretty much everything from the core in my life, I made a strong bond with couple of very important people in my life, I found oceans of spirituality in myself (who could have ever thought it’s possible with me at all?!!!), I re-believed (if that’s an existing word in English, but you get what I mean :D ) in the world, in people, in the new concept of my potential future life and most importantly in my self.

Basically, somehow in only one year I managed to bury my self to the core and to raise like a phoenix from the ashes. The phrase sounds pretty iconic but trust me the whole process wasn’t that iconic, actually there were some seriously bloody moments at some points. STILL the phoenix has risen! (I still haven’t got rid of all my fears or inside demons, whatever you prefer, and one of them is the fear to jinx the future, so I still can’t reveal what’s exactly is happening at the moment in my life, yet it makes me feel really weird and grateful at the same time, so stay tuned, haha).


Back to the point. I checked the phrase on youtube and apparently it was a song. Moreover, it was a song that apparently I really liked at that point of my life (in 2008 september 28). Because of pretty huge role the music has always played in my life, in the lives of my closest friends and especially because of my strong believe the idea that music is one of the most accurate mirrors of personality, suddenly the past-me just popped out right in front of me again. It brought back all memories of that period life, of me, of my hopes and fears, struggles and joys. Only now I realize how young by all means I was then, yet I still relate to that past-me soooo much. I still like the song I liked then. I like what I see in the reflection of the mirror of that song. And the mostly I like the distance how far I’ve gone from then till now.

Yesterday I faced a strong reality check. The positive one, but it was definitely a reality check, when to be honest, for the very first time in my life I fully understood and embraced the idea of pulling my self together and getting it together in my life. Today all day long while running the errands I kept going through that fact again and again and again. For the very first time in my life everything seems so serious, responsible and real. So clear and so REAL. (Maybe after all, I wasn’t fully right saying that big part of me will never grow up..) During this year, there were many people sharing their wisdom of the life and one of the most often told ideas was to read signs & to listen to people and my self because the answers are always out there (some people said the god gives directions through signs and speaks through lips of people). I remember my self for couple of months spending at least an hour every evening sitting in the terrace of my New Delhi apartment, staring at the blank wall and constantly asking same questions over and over again in hope to finally get the answers.

Today it’s about two weeks till my 24th birthday. Some philosophies claim that people are reborn every 12 year. Personally I always had a thing for 23 - this magic number that I never knew the reason for, so there always was this silent movement in my head going on, that 23 year of my life will be the breaking point, where major changes will happen. Great intensity, signs lined up in the perfect sequence all together and this last call from the past (even though some of you may say - such a minor) coincidence (I know that in reality coincidences do not exist) gave me the final closure and confirmed that even though I’m going through some serious transitional period I’m on the right track and that’s the reason I must remain the faith in all that, no matter how unbelievable it might seem. I always wanted to write a book, but for that I always thought my life should be significant, magic and inspiring. Now I see that my life has started writing that book for me and You know what - I’m crazily excited about the upcoming chapter.

It was pretty awesome and outstanding feeling to catch up with my-past-self at least for as long as the found song was on. I’m grateful for closure and confirmation to be proud, calm, confident, faithful, positive, peaceful and most importantly determined to move on closer towards my Great Empire (as I partially in joke manner and partially in dead serious manner call the package of it all together in my future).

Cheers, My Dears, and till the next catch up already in the future!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

DJXXI far Kingdom: Hairless, but still king!

Before you start reading you must know: THIS SHORT STORY IS 100% BASED ON TRUE FACTS!

INTRO: many people answer arrogantly to all questions: “google it, before asking”. Supposingly google has all possible answers and no one is genius enough to come up with new question, since supposingly there would always be someone else who already asked it before that question popped to your mind.


even though there might be this small possibility of someone already asking THE Question but obviously google hasn’t come up with the direct answer to that for sure! (i just googled it. here’s the proof below)


A little bit info about this DJ, who just shaved his head and turned Delhi into the crazyness of the hottest news buzz online INTERNATIONALLY!

His official stage name is DJ IrAn, but he’s better know as … KING IRAN or KING OF PERSIA. (!!!!! not too shabby, ain’t it?!!!!) So what usually happens is that if you’re calling to this Mister’s mobile phone there are two possible things of what happens next: either no one picks up, which basically means “tray later” or there would be his friends-family-colleagues-soul brothers from soul city, who’d be picking up his phones. People who work with him sometimes refer to him as KING. They also correct and even kindly remind to new people that this dj guy is a KING. And they could easily name a hundred reasons why he is KING.

It also must be highlighted, that his colleagues, his friends and other people truly love his personality, actually even people who just met him 15 minutes ago are surprisingly positive about this dj, who’s constantly called as KING!!! There are never-ending messages on this guy’s wall from people all over the world, writing, how they are missing him and parties and awesome time together. They also express that they will never forget those great moments and next to that while commenting on some other posts on his wall they never forget to add LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!“. Are you already a bit shocked, intrigued and questioning your self what kind of person that must be and how you’d respond to this in case you’d happen to be around? - then continue reading further!

If you spent some more time with this dj guy and the amazing gang of Soul City, you don’t even realize how quickly you get used to when people name “KING” in the context and you easily already subconsciously respond who they’re talking about. Let me ask you, how you would react, if for instance you’re hanging out with a bunch of people in the party and suddenly someone comes and says “Guys do you want to order anything? We have some time left, since KING is busy dealing with one or the other thing”? Pretty, awesome, right? :DDD

TRUE TRUE and nothing else but TRUE

these were the further happenings after the DJ shaved his head:

1. the other already bold for a long while DJ, a friend of the KING, makes the official announcement on facebook telling:

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD !! THE CELEBRITIES ..:)) HAHAHA Pitbull, Bruce willis , Vin diesel , Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson. :))”

…or… as the legendary Jorge proudly from Barranquilla sends the opinion of the new (bold) hair style to the DJ. Jorge’s statement tells it all: sure ur the king! hairless, but still king!”


so obviously from now on when you ask google “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DJ SHAVES HIS HEAD” the answer you should get is from google is “HE’S HAIRLESS, BUT STILL KING! LONG LIVE THE KING!”. At least that’s what happens in the reality of DJ IrAn!

p.s. And some info for non royal status holders, let me remind you that no one is perfect after all in this word. Sometimes even kings don’t know it all, or at least what’s the capital of Lithuania. Which is why, when after advice to “google-it”, they respond “yeah, right, how could I forget it - GOOGLE-IT is the capital of Lithuania” :D AAAAaaand no matter how clearly you pronounce it ;), you realize that everyone has their own spaces still to fill to reach their perfection & wisdom to claim their royalty, unique personality, ultimate goal or whatever else you’d like to call it.

p.p.s. One more important thing to be noticed, if kings exist, who said that wish of becoming a princess or a queen is just a dream? I’d call it more like a goal. Or the way to lead very boutique & rock star lifestyle which matches king’s and is just easy&fun for both to ride the same road in wonderland / kingdom / reality of life together. Actually.

Long live the king!

Always Yours,

Madam G.

Rodyk draugams

Teodora: $1.15 million gift of god

***World history being written at the moment - August 16th, 2012

All the gem stones lovers may be excited to know that the world’s largest cut emerald weighing 57,500-carats and with an appraised value of $1.15 million is set to go on auction in Kelowna, later this month.

A rare gem hunter Regan Reaney calls this an once-in-a-life time find. He said that he is still amazed every time he looks at, picks it up, and touches it. It is amazing. Reaney said the emerald is named Teodora, meaning Gift of God. It was mined in Brazil and sold to a buyer in India, where it was cut.

(courtesy of worldofamazings)


Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Harmony in chaos: literally on the top of the world

Finally found the the place I could call almost the exact reflection of the picture i’ve created in my mind as the perfect place somewhere high.

I often get the feeling of strong urge to be somewhere in the open air, high (literally a top of the world), where it’s quite, peaceful and all the things that usually are seen as separate pieces come into one eventually joint puzzle. I believe that’s the case when you eventually realize how the world works in what people sometimes may call harmony in the chaos. So far between Vilnius and Delhi I have discovered couple of places where I get the feeling of “sitting on the top of the world” but this place (photos above and below the paragraph) takes the cake, at least regarding what you can get in urbanized areas (obviously place in wild nature somewhere close to the highest and the most powerful waterfalls would be completely different case). Ladies & Gents, put one more point on your “Places to visit” list - Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore. (below you can see more pictures, to get the feeling of the place as close to what is reality as possible). Enjoy!

p.s. an hour after I finished this post, I found the other blog post on exactly “best rooftops in the world”! So I’m definitely sharing it with you! Read here

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Sky Shopping for the most glam Bulldog on this Earth

*Things you can bribe me with

Amazing porcelain pendant (necklace) by absolute porcelain masters for centuries now in Europe - MEISSEN!

(750 rose gold 1,9 g, 1 white diamond 0.03 ct) Though most importantly the shape of bulldog! For as long as I remember me and my parents we have always had a thing for bulldogs. So getting it as a piece of jewelry, hand made by one of the most skilled people in one of the most delicate industry - porcelain world is quite a treat. The pic above is the exact piece I could easily get bribed with!

Behind the scenes:

While flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 26th of June (2012) I had more than enough time to browse all journals in the plane until eventually I found the one I should have started with in the very beginning of my flight - shopping journal. So of course successfully I enjoyed my sky - shopping to the fullest until i found THE EXTRAORDINARY!!! Amazing piece I saw for the first time but I think it could seriously be the love from the first sight or almost that :D here’s the photo below, i took with my iPhone as a reminder to check more on Meissens porcelain work and even more importantly of course their JEWELRY works! That’s the bulldog that concurred my heart :D (I mean seriously: could it be more chic, snobbish, classy and traditional European than bulldog made out of porcelain carrying golden chain with the diamond pendant?!!!)

p.s. Signing exactly a month I’m back from Delhi to Vilnius.

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Saturday Morning in a Lemon Tree Loggia

***My Real Life Like Fairy Tale***

Sound Early Saturday Morning @ Home away from Home - Meet My Lemon Tree!

In Lithuanian they say you’ll never regret if you wake up early. And at least this Saturday morning I can’t argue with that.

I finally have home away from home a.k.a. my current home is in South New Delhi. It’s save neighborhood with guards and park inside, two floor apartment with adorable foll of plants terrace, which just completely got the apartment sold the moment i saw my future loggia (FIY, it was right choice - now watering my mini garden in the mornings and talking to them before sleep is my official therapeutic treatment from Indian every day’s life chaos). Since in India its high time for elections the alcohol is completely prohibited from all places from Friday (yesterday) to Monday. I must say, for me it’s really weird that to stop people from election crazyness you even have to ban alcohol, but let’s not get into that. So regarding the fact that in Delhi it got quiet exactly same time as I realized myself that i’m missing peace and spending some quality my personal time at home, I went to bed yesterday even before the midnight and this morning I had a great change to enjoy my favorite time of the day in Delhi when it’s fresh, peaceful and alive (the birds sing, the breeze is even cold at some moments, the sun is still on the way to zenith, though no people or noise). Since during the election people can’t get even alcohol, the least you can expect is that the internet won’t necessarily be that much available too, which happened yesterday… So since I couln’t even accomplish the things I was supposed to do for my work, my blog post definitely was pending till this morning, though it was worth it! p.s. Here’s a brilliant fresh piece of electronic symphony for your ears - couln’t be better than that for Saturday morning!

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett by Disclosure.

Cheers, My Dears,

Live from Delhi, Yours,


Rodyk draugams

India State of Mind

Getting ready for the takeoff. Back to home away from home! Already feeling the Delhi time rhythm running in my blood.

MY DELHI LIFE: Enjoying the breakfast in sunrise @ Presidential Palace & Parliament House


A. Gliuck

Rodyk draugams

Missione a Bombay

I heard it and went speechless, yet comment speaks for it self.


“Jazz music speaks in a language of intimate and boisterous. I felt like it is in my mind with passion and with fusions. I am beginning to understanding it. Significant form of jazz music is an expression of power within. Wow.”

One and only Nicola Conte on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Go with the sitar flow..



Rodyk draugams


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