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My Dear Taj, where do your midnight runaways take you to?

Open air verandah at Taj Palace, New Delhi

I’m so flattered to be able to share with you one of my favorite places of my life in New Delhi! We’ve had some awesome midnight runaways and serious discussions with my Indian brother of another mother here. The first time I was taken here by him was because everything else in Delhi was already closed since it was just simply really too late night. Yet this place is always welcoming! And even though it’s not allowed to sit at the tables outside along the pool during the night, we’d always somehow convince the wonderfully hospitable staff to let us to do that! And last but not least, actually the most important - what we would always order - THE CAMOMILE TEA served with piece of heaven tasting almond biscuits! Oh, and sometimes, when it would get more like a really early morning than late night, the peacocks would start their early morning serenades behind the garden. Just like a fairytale in the XXIst century, ah? ;) If you ever happen to be in Delhi, India, this experience is something you simple must go through your self. Really.

I mean, really, what could you beat the cozy or sometimes extremely intense yet always interesting chats in amazing midnight under the mood shine in the middle of Delhi, yet quiet like in the space, pool side open air verandah with beautiful exotic jungle-like Taj Palace garden and hot camomile tea reminding own home and camomile aroma soaked endless meadows in Lithuania with?!

Cheers from sentimental memory card called “Home away from Home. New Delhi Edition”


Rodyk draugams

Past-me catches up with present-me to confirm future-me

It’s been thousands of times I faced this phrase “even if something wrong happens today, it always leads to better tomorrow“. I was almost about to call this phrase “so yesterday”, since it has seriously been used for too many times, BUT..

Sooo… Even though I stock my info on PC, 2 hard discs and Mac, there’s never enough space. When I decided to get a new movie downloaded it was just too obvious that it won’t be happening unless I erase some serious amount of stuff from my Mac. That’s the point where the wrong (too fully packed Mac) brought me to pretty amazing point of my life. Of course to delete things with closed eyes is just too cruel procedure for me, so I have to check every single thing before it goes to trash. I just opened one document and found  4 lines written down there. I had no clue what any of them meant, but the use of hyphen was a hint that there is a huge possibility it leads to music. (Since the early days I have a habit to write down the song the moment I hear it and like it. Even if it’s in the middle of the desert - i still do that! I mean it!) So I checked the last written line in that document on youtube (the line was “The Go! Team - Get it together”) BTW, the original date of the document brought be back to 2008 September 28. That time I was working as an on-air presenter of the radio show at the most popular “MTV”-type national radio station in Lithuania..

On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:


If someone asked me about my present now, especially to describe it, I’d run out of words immediately. The only things I could say, would be “Transition“. This year (as in my 23 year) was pretty crazy - radical and life changing. It just suddenly dawned on me to switch to completely different career path. So in short, I’d say that somehow during this year I managed to loose my passion for the things I had been doing for ages (which always had made me feel so confident about my self and secure), to come up with an idea to leave everything behind and dive into the very beginning of everything. I flew half of the world for my potentially new career studies (till then I had no clue about diamonds or what so ever..), I quit my job (in music industry) and I decided to become an expert in diamonds & fine jewelry & generally to focus on niche luxury lifestyle industries. (…and actually, to my surprise, not so long after I came back home with my new diploma, it already got claimed publicly: photo of me and my friend from “Fashion Night 2012″ main event got published in lifestyle magazine with the title “media communication expert (my friend) and diamond grading expert (me)”) I spent big part of the year talking to people, how to understand who I am, how to rediscover my passions, how to find the inner peace, how to start hearing my intuition again, I reevaluated pretty much everything from the core in my life, I made a strong bond with couple of very important people in my life, I found oceans of spirituality in myself (who could have ever thought it’s possible with me at all?!!!), I re-believed (if that’s an existing word in English, but you get what I mean :D ) in the world, in people, in the new concept of my potential future life and most importantly in my self.

Basically, somehow in only one year I managed to bury my self to the core and to raise like a phoenix from the ashes. The phrase sounds pretty iconic but trust me the whole process wasn’t that iconic, actually there were some seriously bloody moments at some points. STILL the phoenix has risen! (I still haven’t got rid of all my fears or inside demons, whatever you prefer, and one of them is the fear to jinx the future, so I still can’t reveal what’s exactly is happening at the moment in my life, yet it makes me feel really weird and grateful at the same time, so stay tuned, haha).


Back to the point. I checked the phrase on youtube and apparently it was a song. Moreover, it was a song that apparently I really liked at that point of my life (in 2008 september 28). Because of pretty huge role the music has always played in my life, in the lives of my closest friends and especially because of my strong believe the idea that music is one of the most accurate mirrors of personality, suddenly the past-me just popped out right in front of me again. It brought back all memories of that period life, of me, of my hopes and fears, struggles and joys. Only now I realize how young by all means I was then, yet I still relate to that past-me soooo much. I still like the song I liked then. I like what I see in the reflection of the mirror of that song. And the mostly I like the distance how far I’ve gone from then till now.

Yesterday I faced a strong reality check. The positive one, but it was definitely a reality check, when to be honest, for the very first time in my life I fully understood and embraced the idea of pulling my self together and getting it together in my life. Today all day long while running the errands I kept going through that fact again and again and again. For the very first time in my life everything seems so serious, responsible and real. So clear and so REAL. (Maybe after all, I wasn’t fully right saying that big part of me will never grow up..) During this year, there were many people sharing their wisdom of the life and one of the most often told ideas was to read signs & to listen to people and my self because the answers are always out there (some people said the god gives directions through signs and speaks through lips of people). I remember my self for couple of months spending at least an hour every evening sitting in the terrace of my New Delhi apartment, staring at the blank wall and constantly asking same questions over and over again in hope to finally get the answers.

Today it’s about two weeks till my 24th birthday. Some philosophies claim that people are reborn every 12 year. Personally I always had a thing for 23 - this magic number that I never knew the reason for, so there always was this silent movement in my head going on, that 23 year of my life will be the breaking point, where major changes will happen. Great intensity, signs lined up in the perfect sequence all together and this last call from the past (even though some of you may say - such a minor) coincidence (I know that in reality coincidences do not exist) gave me the final closure and confirmed that even though I’m going through some serious transitional period I’m on the right track and that’s the reason I must remain the faith in all that, no matter how unbelievable it might seem. I always wanted to write a book, but for that I always thought my life should be significant, magic and inspiring. Now I see that my life has started writing that book for me and You know what - I’m crazily excited about the upcoming chapter.

It was pretty awesome and outstanding feeling to catch up with my-past-self at least for as long as the found song was on. I’m grateful for closure and confirmation to be proud, calm, confident, faithful, positive, peaceful and most importantly determined to move on closer towards my Great Empire (as I partially in joke manner and partially in dead serious manner call the package of it all together in my future).

Cheers, My Dears, and till the next catch up already in the future!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Back to where it all started: 2 bomb blasts & 1 earthquake

“I MISS MY DELHI!!! …what a hell is going on there?..” - that’s my instant facebook wall reaction to the whole thing that just started happening in my second home town, or just home far away from home…

I dedicate this song to everyone I love, adore, sometimes even honestly can’t stand but always want to be back to in MY DELHI! Today You, guys, survived two bomb blasts (god bless everyone) and a cherry on a top - the earthquake about hour ago. Tens of ages couldn’t stop the heart beat of Delhi till now - nothing will stop it ever.

R.E.M. was one THE ones I started with in music. It’s like home for my taste, point of view and lifestyle of what I am. And Delhi is all that too! Back to where it all started with the greatest support for all Delhites On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

I bow down to the city of djinns. Let the peace remain. I MISS MY DELHI.

AFROgliuck - Delhite

Rodyk draugams

Reflexion of Gold dust



Shivo!!! My beloved, dear, one and only!!!! Happy b-day, entertainment Maharaja!!! ;))) Biggest wishes, misses, kisses and impatiency to finally meet up! Have a blast, so that those who still don’t know about SHIVO would count the last moments of that!!! Happy Happy Happy, b-day MY DOST!!! Keep it real, ’cause you’re amazing!!! :)***

p.s. Can’t wait to rave together again!!! ;))))

p.p.s. Let the gold dust shine on your head where ever you go, what ever you do, whom ever you’re with! You’re soo worth it!!!

Yours, AFRO a.k.a. Egloooooo ;))

Rodyk draugams

The NEWEST song in the world: CWG 2010 (Officially Announced)

*On Sundays even Jesus is having lazy afternoons

CWG 2010 Theme song officially presented for the world a week ago (on August 16th 2010).

I’m so happy, flattered and proud to announce, share and present it on my blog! (I guess I might be the first one in Lithuania to mention it on “extended” media, which makes it even more special)!

Ladies & Gentlemen, the official theme song of XIX Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010:

This year in the world is very rich in terms of games, competitions and definitely music dedicated to all of those!!! I remember my every second day party in Delhi with all those songs (like waka waka, wavin’ flag, etc.), that at first it feels soon you gonna hate it, but the more you hear it the more you like it.. Until eventually you end up shivering every time you hear it again, just because already now it reminds amazing and definitely legendary moments of togetherness, happiness and unity!!!

The logo for the 2010 Commonwealth Games was revealed on 6 January 2008 at an event-taking place at the India Gate. The Ashoka Chakra, a symbol of freedom, unity, and power, inspires the logo. Its spiraling upwards symbolizes India's rise as a global power and its transition from tradition to modernity. The colours symbolize India's vibrant and diverse culture and people, and each part of the logo symbolizes India welcoming the 71 Commonwealth nations and territories.
The logo for the 2010 Commonwealth Games was revealed on 6 January 2008 at an event-taking place at the India Gate. The Ashoka Chakra, a symbol of freedom, unity, and power, inspires the logo. Its spiraling upwards symbolizes India.

I’d been living and cheering in Delhi since August 2009 until the end of June 2010. So of course I was a part of football crazyness the last months in Delhi..

BUT even before that since the very first day of my arrival I saw the endless  process changes which were leading to the preparation for XIX Commonwealth games in Delhi. And you know what. I have the confession to make - I didn’t really believe that it’s possible to finish so many things (starting with organizational part and ending with huge process of building so many new stadiums and generally Delhi streets turning to impossibly different in one night!). The more time was passing by the more it was becoming even too obvious that it’ll definitely be ready until Commonwealth Games 2010.

Sad to say, that while living through all those changes I won’t be experiencing the final result by which I mean not only finished buildings but also the common wealth games and it’s vibe all over Delhi!!! Yet it is the reason I’m so honoured to officially announce in my blog (and also to be the first one or for sure one of the first ones to announce it in Lithuanian extended media) and present these FRESH & BREAKING NEWS!

Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 theme song launch:

p.s. This time for the music background on Sunday and amazing news I send a huge thanks to Rudra Pratap Singh Jadon, course mate of the coolest class of my Indian school! Thank You so much!!! ;)

The song is already on my playlist. Hope You guys gonna enjoy it too until the this gonna remind great moments of this period of your lives anytime you hear it again!!! AND IF YOU HAVE ANY CHANCES - DO VISIT COMMONWEALTH GAMES in DELHI!!! That will be once in a life time and India gonna twist it to once in an ERA TIME, I promise!


Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

New&retro trends for the pool parties

*Line of the photos: “Vogue Italia”

Fairy tale swimming caps!!! Actually it looks much better than wet hair all over the face! So retro and so cool! I just felt in love with those designs!!!

Dear all, who are still in Delhi, ain’t it beautiful, charming and just perfect for amazing pool parties in the heat of Delhi? ;)) Please, get inspired as much as you can and bring variety of trends to Delhi open air and full of music nights in Farmhouses or hotels near pool.

I gonna bring those trends on my self as soon as I am back too!

Dear all, who live in colder but always cozy Europe (especially more up to northern part of it) You still have August, so don’t miss your chances to enjoy summer heat, instead of so popular complaints, that this summer is just impossibly hot ;)

Enjoy it before complaints of upcoming winter’s cold weather of - 40 C (as it’s forecasted) !!! ;))

Op art swimsuit by Sinz Vouliagmeni. Brigitte Bauer. Greece 1966

Op art swimsuit by Sinz Vouliagmeni. Brigitte Bauer. Greece 1966

Swimwear by Hubert de Givenchy, turban by Adolfo
Swimwear by Hubert de Givenchy, turban by Adolfo

Have a colorful day!

Cheers my dears,


Rodyk draugams

“Feels like Autumn” - the END of the golden ERA in Delhi

AFROgliuck @ Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

AFROgliuck @ Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

“…Feels Like Autumn…”

I felt the strong and not hot anymore wind blow and heard tree leaves shaking, which brought me to a sudden feeling / understanding: ”…Feels Like Autumn…” That’s what I said this early morning at about 3:30  a.m. (2010 May 28th) walking down the street in Lajpat Nagar with my room mate from the parked car back to home. We were coming back home from the legendary “Euro nights” that were given birth by my friends - the ones that came up with an idea, the ones that iniciated it happen, the ones that were true spirits of the guaranteed succesful and entertaining parties, the ones that were loyal to party hard until sun raises, the ones that made the best after parties and the ones that we were having coffee all together with right before the sun raising in one of so few 24/7 shops in South Delhi.

“Same Same But Different”

That is an other phrase, that you can hear quite often here. It is a direct translation from hindi, by which it’s meant to say “very similar, but different”. That’s what I can say about my beloved and finally domesticated Delhi. I finally know how it works here, I know how to deal with autorikshaw drivers (and it’s not annoying any more - just an other day) and many more other bajas (or at least when it’s annoying, I’ve learned to ignore it, so that for me it just doesn’t exist at all), I know where to find things I am looking for (and even if not, then I know the right people to call and ask about it), I even got to learn how to bargain and I must admit now I am enjoying it like a natural reflex (while previously I was just soooo bad at that and I generally hated it), I face and pass so many people on Delhi streets every day. And now this over populated place seems to be as perfect as it is. I can’t even imagine it in other way. I even got to learn how to notice “solid gold” (that’s how I call good, interesting things / phenomenas, starting with clothes and finishing with amazing people) in a big pile of rubbish. And by rubbish I mean mess and absolutelly unnecessary things / phenomenas, that every other place in the world has the same percentage as Delhi, just the population of Delhi makes it look even more.

“In Autumn The Leaves Are Falling Down”

I guess it’s not a coincidence that in american english the autumn is called fall. It’s because the leaves are falling down. Sometimes, and most of the time, in fact, it is very beautiful, but on the other hand it is sentimental and it forecasts the upcoming end. End of the season, end of the year and in this case - THE END OF AN ERA.

That is the best example, how controversial beauty can be. I love northern autumn very much. I love the beauty of it. So many colors everywhere. At first on trees, afterwards everywhere on the ground. Feels like you’re walking on the pallet of all possible colors of the world. Until suddenly even you become a part of an amazing and unique nature’s art of batika.

Every coin has it’s two sides

The coin of fall’s beauty is not an exception to the rule as well. At first I learned to notice the solid gold. I find it a really big value. In fall if you look carefully, you will notice that in every leaf of the tree there is a golden part too, that makes everything around sparkling and glowing as never. Charming. So charming. But exactly that is the sign of the golden era, which is turning to the end of.

Golden tree of magic people

In northern hemisphere the summer just started, but in my personal hemisphere the summer is turning to the very end. In fact, the fall has just started. If my world was one big magic tree, then all those beautiful, charming, lovely, colorful, so different and so perfect leaves would be people I met and felt in love with here. And those leaves one after an other have just started falling down. They are not on the tree anymore. And you know, the biggest paradox is that only when the leaves fall down they start turning to even more golden color. In other word, when you loose, you start appreciating and missing them even more.

“Leave while it’s still golden era”

I can’t even count how many times I was considering this quote. And all those times I was coming up with the same conclusion, that it is pure truth. But now I am again back to consideration of quote. Maybe this case is different… The most important question for me, regarding the statement, was the memories, I would have afterwards (the peak of cheering moments or already much more traquille time). But this time, for me it is the matter of feelings: what hurts less - to leave or see people leaving?

Only now i get to understand, that only after experiencing the end of golden era, you can evaluate the real picture of what has happened. Everything starts, grows, reaches the peek (golden era) and eventually ends. Only after experiencing and surviving the natural process you can get the real feeling. It’s like a chapter of the book (not the whole book just because the book is the life, and the chapter leaves the idea of friendship continue in upcoming chapters / periods of book / life), that does not make the whole sense and does not bring the exact picture, until you don’t get to the end of it.

It’s not always only about the result, sometimes it’s about the process on it-self

I wouldn’t dare to say that this case is only about the result. Fairly not. If the process wasn’t special I wouldn’t have even reached the end of it. And by “it” I mean the GOLDEN ERA. From the bottom of my heart I am telling, admitting and highlighting, that I am definitely the lucky one, to have met all those people and experienced such amazing moments (doesn’t matter how shocking, annoying, lovely or INCREDIBLE they were). Everything was sooo strong and sooo surreal!!!

Cry me a river

And it really felt so.. It doesn’t matter, that usually I’m so tough and not emotional in sense of crying, but I cried for some of you leaving. I was even surprisingly sad and couldn’t even understand my self for that. And it truly hurt, but it just proves how important and close you’ve become for me.

P.S. Thanks even for the lie, which was so real, that until the last minute, when you even left, I still believed in that ADVENTUROUS story.. (in which all other still believe, no matter how sad and disappointing, on the other hand, it is) it was so exiting and apparently soooo fictional.. but 10 points for imagination!!!! GRACIAS or I should say  TASHAKOR!


What goes around - comes around.

Thank You, crazy people, for amazing sleepless nights and even more amazing early mornings together!

It’s been pleasure and honour to meet You all. I thank You for meaningful chats, for secrets spoken out loud and trust! For inspiration and belief! Now It’s my hope to meet you again.

I bow to all of You,


Rodyk draugams

Changes Changes Changes !!!

Delayed “New Year’s Resolution”

Let this be the very first my blog post in English. The idea was included in my “New Year Manifest”, but unfortunately it took longer time to make it happen than I was expecting.

Every season has it’s time

On the other hand, I somehow tend to believe, that every season has it’s time. And my time has just come. Of course, as every thing else in the life, even the first english blog post has the reason behind. There are huge changes going in my life at the moment. I have to admit that it’s very exiting but scary at the same time as well. That’s the last post I wrote on my Facebook wall a few minutes ago: “... and again the thrill all over me with butterflies and fairies inside! New begining - scary but so exiting!“. I always believed, or it’s better to say sensed, or I say in much easier way “knew” what gonna happen. It was just a matter of time, because I knew what I wanted and trully from the bottom of the heard believed in that happening one day. The scariest thing is that now I sense that IT STARTS HAPPENING.

Back TO even before leaving from INDIA

I’m sitting in South Delhi shopping mall with a really nice garden out side. By the way it is very close to my home, where at first I thought I sattled for a while, and now it’s getting obvious that it’s for much longer while than I was expecting. Am I happy? I think yes, but also I could say YES and NO. It’s so amazing to have this strong feeling that it is starting. It is so nice to know that so many new things will come to my life. So great to understand that finally I will do the things that I wanted and knew that it’s what I can do best, just because I love it. It’s unbelievable how much person can reach while one is absolutely dedicated for that. And I am. The great BUT “I gosh here it comes”. It’s always like this in my approach to the life. I choose my choice and at the same time think of the things I am loosing for that, in stead of being just happy about the things I am getting out of that!

The only one real UTOPIE

The great “BUT” consists of so many things that I couldn’t even mention all of them. Starting with the most beloved friends, that sometimes (and sometimes in my life happens quite often, I must admit) know what I need even better than I personally do, family, that any ways will be a part of me, my best pet ever Chinchilla (about which people in India say “chichuachua” :D ), african room where you enter and start flying right at that moment you make a first step in, Noragiskes - the best place to live ever, tiny and cozy oldtown where the streets are never the same and the architecture telling the number of stories for you on the way. Cafes where u could sit for ages and talk about every thing what exists and not yet exists (just because of not yet finished process of creation) in the world with snowing pink blossoms in the background, so that it turns every thing to the fairy tale, or even more - to the only one real UTOPIE.

Sentiment - artificial not any more

Four seasons, when you put your warmer clothes on for the first time of freeze after mild and so colourfull autumn, the first gloves for catching the whites snow flakes, the lighter jacket after the first sun gazes after dark but without any doubts cozy winter, hearing the first sounds of grass hoppers and infinity of stars falling on your head while making wishes in the middle of the night in the end of August, and finally again reaching first blossoms snowing on your head and on the way picking the coloured leaves on the streets in the beginning of Autumn. These are the things you could never replace. Either the nature or the colours of sun in the evening sky are different or simply the feeling is just not the same. Which is why, when at first I created an artificial sentiment (here), which would make me feel missing my home while staying in India, now it’s not artificial anymore. Now it is real. The missing, loving, appreciation and cherrishing.

Wisdom of African Swahilli does not always help in India

People come and go. It is so and it must be so. But it is strange that the thing for which I was preparing my self started happening on the highest gear it could. I cannot even bear it any more. Now already for the past 10 years I know and have told to my friends so many times. That was the wisdom of swahilli: “Even if our roads part, we will stay on the same earth under the same sky”. I understand. And even more, I want to believe. I know it is true, but it is not so easy just to walk on the same earth and live under the same sky, when you can not come, see, touch, hug or keep silent together any moment you wish to any more. Any way, what to do.. You can’t push or pull, so if it is happening, it’s meant to be so. The only thing I leave for my-self in my hands is strength, positiveness and belief that doesn’t matter how rocky the road will be, the final destination will be reached successfully and the taste of life will be even stronger.


I am leaving my heart back at home.. My first, pure and incredibly long lasting love. That’s the most driving crazy part. Or just the best challenge to check how strong it is..

BUT “absence to love is what the wind is to fire: when it’s a small fire the wind kills it, when it’s a real fire - it intensifies it.”

Cheers my Dears,

AFROgliuck "Toys at dry cleaners in India"

AFROgliuck "Toys at dry cleaners in India"


Rodyk draugams

Paveluotai atejusi ir dziuginanti iki vaikisko krykstavimo ziema kova!

“Per viena nakti nuo 40 laipsniu karscio iki vos siekiancio 15-20 laipsniu silumos salcio” - taip tiksliausiai gali apibudinti, kas ivyko vos pries pora dienu.

Isvykome i neilga kelione, i pagaliau mano issvajotaja Indijos siaure. Savaitgaliui. Po 6 valandu traukiniu ir dar 12-14 valandu autobusu, labiau panasesniu i skarbonke, kuri tuoj galutinai iseis dalimis, namo (i Delhi) nusprendziau nebegrizt maziausiai savaite. Stai direkcija: Delhi - Manali - Parvati Valley - Dharamsala (Himanshal Pradesh) - Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) - (jei busim laimes kudykiai) Pakistano siena. Viso 1281km i viena puse be Pakistano sienos. O kaip gi isties baigsis, turbut net ir vienas Dievas neisivaizduoja!

Obuoliu salyje: Manali, Indijos kalnu Sveicarija

Tiesa, Manali pirmieji vaizdai buvo neitiketino grozio! Pradzioj pasijauciau lyg mini Japonijoje - zydinciu ziedu rojus kur tik pazvelgsi aplink! Paskui susivokeme, kad cia obelys. Kiek tik akys uzmato visur kalnai, pakalnes, sleniai, upes vaga (plati, bet kol kas sausut sausutele, vietoje vandens zvyra apsigyvendinusi) ir kontrastui - aukstai, bet jau nebe taip toli matomos dar vis apsnigtos kalnu virsunes, o cia pat panoseje ir kiek tik akys aprepia iki virsuniu lygio rozinis sniekas zaliame fone.


Baisingai buvau pasiilgus sniego! Ne, “baisingai” netgi ne visai tinkamas zodis. Neisivaizduoju, dar ko buvau gyvenime taip pasiilgus. Per Kaledas braukiau graudziai asara (cia hiperbolizuoats issireiskiams), klausydama Frank Sinatros ir leisdama laika kalnuose Indijos pietuose, vien del to, kad truko lietuviskos Kaledines dvasios - sniego.

Jaukus siaurietiskumas - lietuviskumas iki pat kaulu!

Veliau isgirdau, kad man griztant is pietu, Delyje dar vis didziulia salciai, tai slapta vyliausi, kad ten bent akies krasteliu pamatysiu snaiges, ir nesvargu, kad tik krentancias, nes iki nukritimo spetu istirpti. Ir apskritai, pasiilgau vaikscioti susitraukus is salcio, apsimuturiavus penkiolika sluoksniu. Pasiilgau matyti pro sali einancius zmones - su nuraudonavusiomis nosimis, dar raudonesniais skruostais ir drakoniskai iskvepiancius garus - graziausia, kas tik gali buti. Tikra, paprasta, naturalu ir zavinga zavinga! Kagi, pagaliau sulaukiau issiilgto ziemos reiskinio!!! Kaifuoju. Ko betruksta iki pinos laimes, tai vakare, pro langa girdint svilpianti veja, tingiai sedeti apsimuturiavus siltu dekiu prie rusenancio zidinio su karstu vynu rankosel. Rasau ir “mirstu”, kaip kaifuosiu, kai sekanti karta budama Lietuvoje vel tai darysiu! Vat ir pasireiske mano lietuviskuams visa savo esybe!

Taigi, is relaxuojancio savaitgalio Manalyje kelione virto Indijos siaures kalnuotu vietoviu ekspedicija. Aisku, dar tik pradzia, bet ka tikrai galiu pasakyti, tai - SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

Vizualas butinai atsiras, nes nupasakoti vaizdo tiesiog neimanoma, tai nuotrauka bent is dalies atskleis zavesi, sarma, charizma ir viska, kas tik gali buti geriausia!

Myliu Jumi, mano jaukus siaurieciai,


Rodyk draugams

Delikatesas pietums: Kas butu, jei indusai nusprestu persikraustyti i menuli?

Delikatesas pietums - AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave transliuoja tiesiai is menulio:

paskutines naujienos chilloutinant, bet jau be zemes traukos, sokinejant nuo kraterio ant kraterio, vartantis kulversciais su dideliais saplvotais salmais ant galvu ir oldschoolinem uniformom is folijos!

Cheers, Mates!

Flashback: linkejimai kompanjonei is kosmonautisko pietu prancuzijos laivo, kartu slowmotion’u varant “walking on the moon”!

Indai kraustosi i menuli!

Stai rezultatas to, kas butu jei indusai, nusprende, kad jiems jau netgi zemeje per anksta del savo populiacijos ir dar labiau del jos augimo, persikraustytu i menuli!!!

Ir zinokit labai rimtai cia viskas. Salia Delio yra absoliuciai modernus rajonas, pavadinimu Gurgaon. Ir netgi tenai prie stikliniu pastatu ir bendro labai kosmonautisko vaizdo su 8 eiliu keliais, pora aukstu viaduku ir pan, visvien gatvese toliau sekmingai prekiauja “bajos” su savo ivairiausio plauko vezimeliais, kupinais ivairiausio plauko turto - nuo vaisiu ir svieziu vaisiu sulciu po 50 lietuvisku centu iki oldschooliniu ir jau kone aukcione galimu parduoti blusturgiu prototipo daiktu, kurie cia, rodos suguzi is visu imanomu pasaulio krastu, ir visai nesvarbu, kaip toli jie bebutu. Aciu Hanumanui, Ganesh’ai, Shivai ir dar milijonui kitu Indijos dievu, kad pas juos blusturgiai dar neigavo pagreicio, tai uz centus fortuna gali isigyti - tiesiog TO-BU-LA!

Skaniu pietu, geros dienos ir nepamirskit karts nuo karto pakosmonauti, juk taip gyventi daug idomiau!

AFROgliuck Ice-creaming in Colombo, Sri Lanka

AFROgliuck Ice-creaming in Colombo, Sri Lanka



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