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Welcome to the Lithuanian “Burning man” type art madness which never ends and keeps expanding

*Meet me in Vilnius

photography by C. Cesnakevicius

Welcome to Uzupis Republic. Artist area: very boho-type district in one of the oldest and the most authentic locations of Vilnius (my home city and capital of Lithuania). Charming, unique, mad, mysterious and a must visit place in Europe. Expected the next Christiania (Danish autonomous neighborhood of artists in Copenhagen)  of Europe - to be.

Uzupis - politically very straight forward, brave, active, initiative and supportive area in the worldly issues, such as Tibet, Nepal, other controversial topics.

In the photo: white stork in the main square of Uzupis, graphically mixed with a hint of the desert.

White stork is one of the most iconic, symbolic, very closely culturally related, yet sadly extincting, birds of Lithuania. White storks every year leaves Lithuania to spend winters in Morocco, more warm deserted areas, and each spring they come back home to Lithuania to expand their families here. It’s also believed by Lithuanians for hundreds of years now, that if white storks build the nest in the territory of your home - it’s a blessing and good luck. If you get to see the even number of white storks - it’s going to be the promising year for those who look for the partner in life or / and wish to expand the family with the newborns.

Galera - gallery, place for summits, workshops & summer night cinema in the open-air

Come to Uzupis, experience the unique atmosphere. If you are an artist - it’s a perfect place for inspiration. I would definitely suggest to come and join other artists from all over the world, to create something new, great and unconventional. There is no place to be exactly like Uzupis anywhere in the world - which means it is a true undiscovered Gem & treasure on the map of the world. I would call this place “Burning Man type art madness with Lithuanian twist which never ends and keeps expanding!”

Meet me in Vilnius!



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One year in 24 hours = 2012+2013

..This is how the whole year was gone in 24 hours..

Date: December 31st eve, 2012

Who would be the ones I would even sacrifice my soul to Satan for? - these two! - my most beloved & always in crime of sin.
…and then the Hell opened…
(Kinky in Vatican - NYE 2013)


Date: January 1st, 2013

INSTRUMENTAL BEGINNINGS: Somethings old, something new, something blue.

Masta Ace-Take a Walk (Instrumental) on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

P.S. I’m incredibly grateful to have gotten a chance to celebrate the New Year 2013 with the ones that are a part of me.. because:

1. January 2nd, 2013, 3 a.m.: Isejau sielos savo vaduot (eng. off to rescue my soul).

2. January 3rd, 2013, 1 a.m.: “When nothing’s for sure, anything can happen”. AMEN! - That’s exactly how my 2013 is starting. (Let’s see what adventures will be brought in) - He said “jump”, she said “no, he said “jump”, she said “no”, he said “jump” - she jumped and flew.”

3. January 3rd, 2013, 9:48 a.m.: “Morning coffee & bags: hitting the road again

4. January 3rd, 2013, 6 p.m.: “Welcome to the little capital of fjords

5. January 5th, 2013, 3:47 p.m.: Getting introduced personally to the original & iconic “Skream” by Munch in Oslo art heart @Munch Museet

6. January 5th, 2013, 6:20 p.m.: 118 km from Oslo @Sandefjord Airport

7. January 6th, 2013, 1:38 a.m.: 2,4 km from the geographic center of Europe.

8. January 6th, 2013, 10:59 p.m.: almost crying to be about to say “goodbye” and to loose one of the two ‘I’d sacrifice my soul to Satan for’ in one week..

9. January 7th, 2013: today.

January 8th, - … , 2013: Hold on tight - we’re taking off & no one’s aware of landing what so ever..


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Have you ever heard of boring life? Have you ever lived one? If the answer is yes, in that case, will you please tell me what it means? Weird favor to ask? Let me tell you something then.

(Moving pictures of my breakfast terrace view. pretty awesome right?)

9:30 am: Beautiful and delicious breakfast in the terrace of the very south of Red sea coast. Temperature: 32 °C….

…at some moments you can hardly see the line between the sky and the horizon of the sea, how baby blue it all is. Amazing staff doesn’t let me stop smiling and is cheering me up with local stories and last heads-up of last moments together before the flight.

(I know.. I know.. it’s kinda really lame to take a photo of even the plate you’re having your food from, but, seriously, even the breakfast plate shouts amazing tropical vacation and the sun even in the morning coffee cup makes the final claim!!!)


7:30 pm: my plane just landed. OMG!!!! It’s crazily windy. Dark of course. It’s the first time I see snow this year.. And it’s 3°C!!!

8:30 pm: I’m running up the stairs, already thinking what I’ll have for the proper dinner after tiring endless hours oldschool plain trip and also thinking what to wear, since in an hour I must be at one of my most beloved friends birthday celebration.

9:30 pm: I’m freaking out. Seriously freaking out. Even though I’ve had food and got dressed, the sparkling ice frozen street I see through the window is driving me crazy.. and the worst part is that I gonna have to drive that street my self… Have I mentioned that I’ve never ever ever driven the car with nobody else by my side? So at this moment I’m thinking that I’m getting out of my mind and getting late too.

9:49 pm: Relationship status from ‘LOVE’ converted to ‘LOVE-HATE’. I used to love Vilnius old-town unconditionally. Now there is one condition why instead of just loving it I also hate - the inside yards are just too tiny and narrow, especially when I have to park the car twice bigger than I’ve ever parked any other cars before… and I’m even more late.

10:11 pm: I’m about to enter the building but these weird people are blocking the main entrance while standing these, discussing something really loudly and painting on some industrial piece which is even bigger in size than the regular human beingWeird night.. I mean it..

10:19 pm: I enter the apartment. I surprise my dear beloved b-day boy, since by the primary plan my plain was supposed to land only day after his b-day, so my show-up was unexpected, say to the very least. Woohoo!

10:22 pm: Door bell rings. “SURPRISE!!!”. Guess who? - weirdos! The same weirdos with weird industrial piece. Apparently it’s a part of the gift to b-day boy :DDD WHAT’S NEXT?..

00:00 (or something like that, since the time just extincted): THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT (see above)!!! and continued for god knows how long (translation: the b-day boy suddenly appears in the kitchen in the costume of the tin man and the new version of “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz” started.) We sang and danced to the weirdest and lamest songs and also to the most sentimental ones. The weirdos were the ones I didn’t know before, but eventually everyone became one. A.k.a. The only way to survive and have tons of proper fun and blend in was to literally do weird stuff or just crazy or whatever you call and not to worry about how it looks from the outside.


p.s. I love crazy people (they are damn smart in a day time and damn silly at night), because they are awesome!

p.p.s. Happy Birthday, my dear beloved Riccio, once again! :)***

From the oceans of fabulous life,



Rodyk draugams

DJXXI far Kingdom: Hairless, but still king!

Before you start reading you must know: THIS SHORT STORY IS 100% BASED ON TRUE FACTS!

INTRO: many people answer arrogantly to all questions: “google it, before asking”. Supposingly google has all possible answers and no one is genius enough to come up with new question, since supposingly there would always be someone else who already asked it before that question popped to your mind.


even though there might be this small possibility of someone already asking THE Question but obviously google hasn’t come up with the direct answer to that for sure! (i just googled it. here’s the proof below)


A little bit info about this DJ, who just shaved his head and turned Delhi into the crazyness of the hottest news buzz online INTERNATIONALLY!

His official stage name is DJ IrAn, but he’s better know as … KING IRAN or KING OF PERSIA. (!!!!! not too shabby, ain’t it?!!!!) So what usually happens is that if you’re calling to this Mister’s mobile phone there are two possible things of what happens next: either no one picks up, which basically means “tray later” or there would be his friends-family-colleagues-soul brothers from soul city, who’d be picking up his phones. People who work with him sometimes refer to him as KING. They also correct and even kindly remind to new people that this dj guy is a KING. And they could easily name a hundred reasons why he is KING.

It also must be highlighted, that his colleagues, his friends and other people truly love his personality, actually even people who just met him 15 minutes ago are surprisingly positive about this dj, who’s constantly called as KING!!! There are never-ending messages on this guy’s wall from people all over the world, writing, how they are missing him and parties and awesome time together. They also express that they will never forget those great moments and next to that while commenting on some other posts on his wall they never forget to add LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!“. Are you already a bit shocked, intrigued and questioning your self what kind of person that must be and how you’d respond to this in case you’d happen to be around? - then continue reading further!

If you spent some more time with this dj guy and the amazing gang of Soul City, you don’t even realize how quickly you get used to when people name “KING” in the context and you easily already subconsciously respond who they’re talking about. Let me ask you, how you would react, if for instance you’re hanging out with a bunch of people in the party and suddenly someone comes and says “Guys do you want to order anything? We have some time left, since KING is busy dealing with one or the other thing”? Pretty, awesome, right? :DDD

TRUE TRUE and nothing else but TRUE

these were the further happenings after the DJ shaved his head:

1. the other already bold for a long while DJ, a friend of the KING, makes the official announcement on facebook telling:

WELCOME TO OUR WORLD !! THE CELEBRITIES ..:)) HAHAHA Pitbull, Bruce willis , Vin diesel , Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson. :))”

…or… as the legendary Jorge proudly from Barranquilla sends the opinion of the new (bold) hair style to the DJ. Jorge’s statement tells it all: sure ur the king! hairless, but still king!”


so obviously from now on when you ask google “WHAT HAPPENS WHEN DJ SHAVES HIS HEAD” the answer you should get is from google is “HE’S HAIRLESS, BUT STILL KING! LONG LIVE THE KING!”. At least that’s what happens in the reality of DJ IrAn!

p.s. And some info for non royal status holders, let me remind you that no one is perfect after all in this word. Sometimes even kings don’t know it all, or at least what’s the capital of Lithuania. Which is why, when after advice to “google-it”, they respond “yeah, right, how could I forget it - GOOGLE-IT is the capital of Lithuania” :D AAAAaaand no matter how clearly you pronounce it ;), you realize that everyone has their own spaces still to fill to reach their perfection & wisdom to claim their royalty, unique personality, ultimate goal or whatever else you’d like to call it.

p.p.s. One more important thing to be noticed, if kings exist, who said that wish of becoming a princess or a queen is just a dream? I’d call it more like a goal. Or the way to lead very boutique & rock star lifestyle which matches king’s and is just easy&fun for both to ride the same road in wonderland / kingdom / reality of life together. Actually.

Long live the king!

Always Yours,

Madam G.

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Harmony in chaos: literally on the top of the world

Finally found the the place I could call almost the exact reflection of the picture i’ve created in my mind as the perfect place somewhere high.

I often get the feeling of strong urge to be somewhere in the open air, high (literally a top of the world), where it’s quite, peaceful and all the things that usually are seen as separate pieces come into one eventually joint puzzle. I believe that’s the case when you eventually realize how the world works in what people sometimes may call harmony in the chaos. So far between Vilnius and Delhi I have discovered couple of places where I get the feeling of “sitting on the top of the world” but this place (photos above and below the paragraph) takes the cake, at least regarding what you can get in urbanized areas (obviously place in wild nature somewhere close to the highest and the most powerful waterfalls would be completely different case). Ladies & Gents, put one more point on your “Places to visit” list - Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore. (below you can see more pictures, to get the feeling of the place as close to what is reality as possible). Enjoy!

p.s. an hour after I finished this post, I found the other blog post on exactly “best rooftops in the world”! So I’m definitely sharing it with you! Read here

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Sunset Flashbacks

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Catching up of friends in old days crime of crazyness! (July 9th, 2012. 9:36 P.M. - good to have looong evenings with light in summer times in Vilnius!). Having a drink with Egis right after coming back from couple of months in Delhi. / (weird way of kinda celebrating my diploma in Diamond Grading - woop woop!)

From Restaurant “Tores” in Uzupis district (Montmartre of Vilnius). View: Gediminas castle in the horizon).

p.s. In the photo there was nooooo photo shop used to get this spectacular view!!!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Ice fairytale of Vilnius 2012

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Sparkly and frosty February 2012 in Vilnius old town from the bank of river Neris. View: Gediminas castle anno XIVth century (in red bricks on the left), Taikomosios Dailes Muziejus / Museum of Applied Art (in white below Gediminas castle), Lietuvos Naciolinis Muziejus / Lithuanian National Museum (further to the right) and the tower of Vilnius Cathedral (original construction of Cathedral anno 1251 AD).

Vilnius old town is a part of UNESCO protected architectural objects.
Photography by: Laimonas Ciūnys

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Independence in green fairytale land - Lithuania

MINUTE FOR EDUCATION: Today is the day when my country in 1918 got INDEPENDENT! And let it remain this way in green fairytale land - Lithuania!

(Sereikiskes Park - in the middle of Vilnius old Town on the bank of river Vilnele and Uzupis district)

Vakar “Cozy” sutikau Vilniaus herojų, Kunigaikštį :D Jis jau iš vakaro sveikino su Vasario 16-os švente ir sakė, kad būtinai bus jos minėjime šiandien! Tiesa, Vasario 16-os proga prašė 2 cigarečių ir darkart GARSIAI pabrėže, kad visi išgirstų, jog jis tikrai bus Vasario 16 minėjime.

Su nepriklausomybės diena!



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Give it up for 2 x V: Vilniaus Vartai

*Welcome to my home sweet home

Give it up for 2xV: Vilniaus Vartai (eng. Vilnius Gate)

“Vilniaus Vartai” - luxurious shopping mall above Gelezinis Vilkas street and on Gediminas Avenue (partly built on officially the widest bridge in 3 Baltic countries).

Cheers, my Dears,


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Wisdom and stupidity @ Ex-communism

Stolen with the pride from Agne There fb wall. Thoughts of Frédéric Beigbeder on education level of Lithuania:

“Lithuanians are smarter than Parisians. Since on TV there was only Brezhnev and ballet, Lithuanians were forced to read. While in the west everyone was spoiled by all kinds of enterntainments, excommunistic countries got much more educated. I know, now in Vilnius there are night clubs called “Gravity” and “Galaxy”. It means that soon you’ll be as stupid as we are.”

Frédéric Beigbeder @ Vilnius Book Affair

“Lietuviai protingesni už paryžiečius, nes buvo priversti skaityti, kai per televiziją rodydavo tik Brežnevą ir baletą. Vakaruose visi išlepę nuo įvairių pramogų, o ekskomunistinės šalys labiau išsilavinusios. Žinau, kad Vilniuje veikia tokie klubai kaip “Gravity” ir “Galaxy”. Vadinasi, ir jūs tuoj būsit tokie kvaili kaip ir mes.”

Frédéric Beigbeder

Vilniaus knygu mugėje

Cheers, My Dears,


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