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7 días en La Habana

My dears, You are in treat this time here! BIG TIME!

I’ve got an amazing movie to watch for you - 7 DAYS IN HAVANA. You may not have visited Cuba in the real life yet, but the film will definitely bring you the entire 100% authentic atmosphere of it. Unique and incredibly talented actors, wonderfully charming characters, breathtaking cinematography (!!!), awesome locations, hospitable & passionate culture and perfect music! Co-productions of Spain, France and Cuba totally nailed it - worked out brilliantly and you can feel it in each moment of the movie. The type of the movie reminds me of other my beloved movies such as “Coffee & Cigarettes”, “Paris, je t’aime”, “New York, I love You”, the productions of Wes Andersen, Jim Jarmusch and similar. My feeling about this movie in one sentence: IT REVEALS THE TRULY MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO PEOPLE AND REVEALS THE TRUE BEAUTY OF PEOPLE!

Bienvenidos a La Habana!

I just got melted and got familiar with the characters so much in “Jam Session” Tuesday with Pablo Trapero and Emir Kusturic (starts at 20:37 minute) because of the warmth and genuinity (aka what I meant by ” IT REVEALS THE TRULY MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO PEOPLE AND REVEALS THE TRUE BEAUTY OF PEOPLE” above). No masks needed when there’s a magic jam session of life with us every single moment! (watch one of the scenes of this part below)

My ultimate mind blower of this movie is the part “Diary of a Beginner” Thursday, with Elia Suleiman (starts at 55:00 minute). Elia Suleiman’s GENIUS!!!! cinematography in terms of beauty of each shot is my ultimate favorite. The aesthetics, minimalism, composition of the shot and the execution of the main character - perfections! (I’m happy to know I discovered one more icon to follow and be inspired by - Elia Suleiman)(watch a video brief what idea’s Elia had in his mind for his part in the movie below)

Watch full movie here

or here:

or here:

Home page of the movie:

Keep discovering the world, people and YOUR SELF!

Always together with you on the discovery journey Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Beat it: breakdance of Moscow suburbs 1986!

*Chill - It’s FRIDAY!

FORBIDDEN AWESOMENESS: visual movement with some serious old school break-beat on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Beat it if you can do better!

This is the episode from the movie called “Courier”. Epic movie from USSR times, also held to be something like “Wild Style” for americans.

I’ve got this kinda a bit freaky attitude towards USSR things: either I hate it or totally love it!

This video got me 110% in to it. So vintage, so old school, so authentic, so GENUINE. Honestly, the moment I realized what I’d just found, I felt I guess as good as winning a lottery or something that has such a low possibility to bring the positive answer - kind of miracle, I’d say!

Even more, it’s kinda exotic. While in the USA the break dance and hip-hop, and street culture was blossoming in it’s first yet more and more expanding steps, in USSR it was 100% forbidden just because it was part of west which meant only one thing - IT’S BAD  and no more discussions on that.
…I could spin on this treasure couple of days more non-stop, but I’m pretty sure I made my point on this pretty clear. SIMPLY TREAT OF AWESOMENESS and perfect for Friday chill - Enjoy!


Yours NoizeWave a.k.a. AFROgliuck

Rodyk draugams

Lost in Translation. Of yourself. in your life.

“The more you know who you are and what you want, the less you will let things upset you”

This blog post I officially and sincerely dedicated to those, who’re still looking for who they are or / and what they want!

p.s. It’s supposed to be easier when you’re not the only one lost in translation of yourself in your life, yet doesn’t really help to be found.. Does it?

p.p.s. Let me know when you’re found. I promise to do the same!


Just press PLAY and watch the movie here:




Rodyk draugams

..Nothing is east and nothing is west..

“..Nothing is east and nothing is west.. - we’re all human beings”

Today the united voice of contemporary arabic culture is on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

for more info check it out here:




Rodyk draugams

EMBRACE TRANSPARENCY: Sao Paulo - the city of no advertisements

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock presents his new movie “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” about marketing and advertising industry at TED. He also tells a little about self branding and tries to figure out his own and other commoners met on the street brands. Additionally he dares to state his position and have no regrets or doubts about saying something out loud that not so many industry players would really like. “Oh well” for them…. :)) And for you - PURE INSPIRATION!!!

p.s. God bless America!

Cheers, My Dears,

Yours, TRANSPARENT NoizeWave

Rodyk draugams

“Style Wars” (1983): Shut up and listen to ‘OLDSCHOOL’ them!

*crash on a couch and watch the movie on MY blog!

This morning I started with Sugar Hill gang and ended up with “B” CULTURE.

For the first time on my blog I’m happy to share not only a trailer, but the whole movie. Moreover, it’s oldschool movie, documentary, no fiction, pure reality with a beat in the background. Meet the legends who made at least a small influence but to any branch of street art  of today’s. Meet the ones, who managed to be the first ones to create a buzz in the art galleries since his flamboyant majesty Andy Warhol!

Get ready for the trip to New York of 1970’s - 1980’s!

On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWaveTV:

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

OH, dear TOKYO(H)!

Different angle out of unlimited number of angles of the One - TOKYO!

Oh, dear Tokyo,

full of illusion, plastic, unnatural colours, far east oriental vintage, lights and electricity, cultures, animated life, toy freak erotics, extremes, UTOPIE, a world in the world… and out of all that - one pure HARMONY.

And of course, if Tokyo and electro, shame not to mention Tokyo rooted electro genius “Yellow Magic Orchestra” and their already a legendary song that i dare to call label or representative of them “Firecracker”! With honor I have it today On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

I gonna be walking & sitting on the streets of yours. I gonna be listening to the vibe of yours.

..And so far I gonna be enjoying Bandai’s limited edition speaker with a glowing, moving, living diorama of Tokyo’s Ginza district as seen in 1955.

With numerous LED light sources, moving parts and sound effects, and along with awe, inspired some sort of Godzilla-like instinctual response to crush it’s little buildings and trains right down into its wooden pedestal. And smack down a giant moth.

Sooo vintage and soooo Tokyo!

For this time I’m leaving you with my personally favorite of “YMO”:

I’ll catch You. Soon. Very soon, Oh, dear, Tokyo!


Rodyk draugams


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