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Cultures collide - fashion eras collaborate!

Now let’s move back to the future exactly one year further from now into summer 2013 and join the companionship of Marie Antoinette, this time more like joie de vivre—ghetto royale (backing just a couple of centuries back to 18th century to the cruise through Versailles). This gift is from CHANEL by Karl Lagerfeld!

p.s. awesome track listing of show ft. schlachthofbronx & Crookers !

And already soon in the later Autumn we’ll be playing with colors of old school by DSQUARED2



Rodyk draugams

Harmony in chaos: literally on the top of the world

Finally found the the place I could call almost the exact reflection of the picture i’ve created in my mind as the perfect place somewhere high.

I often get the feeling of strong urge to be somewhere in the open air, high (literally a top of the world), where it’s quite, peaceful and all the things that usually are seen as separate pieces come into one eventually joint puzzle. I believe that’s the case when you eventually realize how the world works in what people sometimes may call harmony in the chaos. So far between Vilnius and Delhi I have discovered couple of places where I get the feeling of “sitting on the top of the world” but this place (photos above and below the paragraph) takes the cake, at least regarding what you can get in urbanized areas (obviously place in wild nature somewhere close to the highest and the most powerful waterfalls would be completely different case). Ladies & Gents, put one more point on your “Places to visit” list - Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore. (below you can see more pictures, to get the feeling of the place as close to what is reality as possible). Enjoy!

p.s. an hour after I finished this post, I found the other blog post on exactly “best rooftops in the world”! So I’m definitely sharing it with you! Read here

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Sky Shopping for the most glam Bulldog on this Earth

*Things you can bribe me with

Amazing porcelain pendant (necklace) by absolute porcelain masters for centuries now in Europe - MEISSEN!

(750 rose gold 1,9 g, 1 white diamond 0.03 ct) Though most importantly the shape of bulldog! For as long as I remember me and my parents we have always had a thing for bulldogs. So getting it as a piece of jewelry, hand made by one of the most skilled people in one of the most delicate industry - porcelain world is quite a treat. The pic above is the exact piece I could easily get bribed with!

Behind the scenes:

While flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 26th of June (2012) I had more than enough time to browse all journals in the plane until eventually I found the one I should have started with in the very beginning of my flight - shopping journal. So of course successfully I enjoyed my sky - shopping to the fullest until i found THE EXTRAORDINARY!!! Amazing piece I saw for the first time but I think it could seriously be the love from the first sight or almost that :D here’s the photo below, i took with my iPhone as a reminder to check more on Meissens porcelain work and even more importantly of course their JEWELRY works! That’s the bulldog that concurred my heart :D (I mean seriously: could it be more chic, snobbish, classy and traditional European than bulldog made out of porcelain carrying golden chain with the diamond pendant?!!!)

p.s. Signing exactly a month I’m back from Delhi to Vilnius.

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Wrist Materpiece by Jaeger-LeCoultre

I saw this and completely felt in love. Impossible not to recognize, always breathtaking, delicate, sophisticated, one and only - Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Jaeger-LeCoultre perfect example when a watch becomes a masterpiece. Perfectly executed engraving, enamelling, gemsetting, the best quality of materials and hand work, well thought design, very art deco and very classy conceptual solutions for reversos (and non reversos). Most importantly, everyone can personalize one’s own JLC Reverso. More about:

Jaeger-LeCoultre and personalization here.

Generally about Reverso here



It’s all about art, luxury, exclusive lifestyle & boutique attitude!

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Pop-artist Romero Britto - jewelry box on a ship!

*Chill - it’s FRIDAY

Welcome to the art gallery at “Royal Caribbean” cruise ship!


Lost splashing in colors,

Yours, AFROgliuck

Rodyk draugams

Lost in fuchsia paradise with Jonathan Berger

*On Sundays even Jesus is having lazy afternoons

…but this time Jesus is trendier than usually. Since Jonathan Berger designs were discovered Jesus exchanged regular paradise to Jonathan Berger paradise!

To all mothers! Enjoy Fuchsia Sunday!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

“Alice in Wonderland” inspires the luxury jewelry collection

masterpiece done by Brazilian brand H. Stern in partnership with Disney. (Diamonds. $18.000)

It really is beauty of THE thing!!! Even more when it gets inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” it come too close to perfection!!! Enjoy my favorite piece of collection - Magic mushroom forest on your hand.

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

24 carat golden body, please?

Golf countries keeps surprising the world and driving it crazy about the glam and luxury.

I always adored henna paintings on a body, especially when there is a beautiful tradition to turn bride’s hands into a miracle piece of art of henna. Now it is possible even way beyond.

24 carat permanent gold tattoo. Feels like the legend is alive: Just make a wish and Arabic djinns* will make it happen!

(*The Djinn’s tendency to enter a human through the mouth or nose has led to the precaution of covering one’s mouth when yawning or coughing and saying ‘gesundheit’ or ‘God Bless You’ when another sneezes.)

Precious Skin Dubai
Uploaded by sling-shot. - Arts and animation videos.

Let it sound snobbish, but I’d definitely go for it if it was possible here in central Europe!

p.s. No there is no more question why Dubai is called the city of gold (even when the concepts are made in Japan. well.. it happens ;)) )

Cheers, My capricious Dears,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams


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