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Kai samti uzmaciau a.k.a. Ursa Minor wishlistum

“Ursa Minor sparkles so intensively that it almost hurts. Beautiful. August. It’s right about time to start the wish list before it started raining the shooting stars” 2012 08 20 10:57 p.m.

“Grizulo ratai sianakt taip spigina, kad net akis bado. Grazu. Rugpjutis. Reik pradet noru sarasa darytis, kol dar zvaigzdes krist nepradejo.” 2012 08 20 22:57

(New spot on my radar: Death Valley, California
“when there is no wish to touch the heaven, because you’re already there”)

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Sky Shopping for the most glam Bulldog on this Earth

*Things you can bribe me with

Amazing porcelain pendant (necklace) by absolute porcelain masters for centuries now in Europe - MEISSEN!

(750 rose gold 1,9 g, 1 white diamond 0.03 ct) Though most importantly the shape of bulldog! For as long as I remember me and my parents we have always had a thing for bulldogs. So getting it as a piece of jewelry, hand made by one of the most skilled people in one of the most delicate industry - porcelain world is quite a treat. The pic above is the exact piece I could easily get bribed with!

Behind the scenes:

While flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 26th of June (2012) I had more than enough time to browse all journals in the plane until eventually I found the one I should have started with in the very beginning of my flight - shopping journal. So of course successfully I enjoyed my sky - shopping to the fullest until i found THE EXTRAORDINARY!!! Amazing piece I saw for the first time but I think it could seriously be the love from the first sight or almost that :D here’s the photo below, i took with my iPhone as a reminder to check more on Meissens porcelain work and even more importantly of course their JEWELRY works! That’s the bulldog that concurred my heart :D (I mean seriously: could it be more chic, snobbish, classy and traditional European than bulldog made out of porcelain carrying golden chain with the diamond pendant?!!!)

p.s. Signing exactly a month I’m back from Delhi to Vilnius.

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams


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