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Cultures collide - fashion eras collaborate!

Now let’s move back to the future exactly one year further from now into summer 2013 and join the companionship of Marie Antoinette, this time more like joie de vivre—ghetto royale (backing just a couple of centuries back to 18th century to the cruise through Versailles). This gift is from CHANEL by Karl Lagerfeld!

p.s. awesome track listing of show ft. schlachthofbronx & Crookers !

And already soon in the later Autumn we’ll be playing with colors of old school by DSQUARED2



Rodyk draugams


Music madness of 400 best DJ’s of the world and 200 000 music lovers! UNBELIEVABLE  and that’s exactly why it’s TOMMORROWLAND!

One of the craziest, the most massive and worth to visit open air music festivals in the world so far!



Rodyk draugams

Saturday Morning in a Lemon Tree Loggia

***My Real Life Like Fairy Tale***

Sound Early Saturday Morning @ Home away from Home - Meet My Lemon Tree!

In Lithuanian they say you’ll never regret if you wake up early. And at least this Saturday morning I can’t argue with that.

I finally have home away from home a.k.a. my current home is in South New Delhi. It’s save neighborhood with guards and park inside, two floor apartment with adorable foll of plants terrace, which just completely got the apartment sold the moment i saw my future loggia (FIY, it was right choice - now watering my mini garden in the mornings and talking to them before sleep is my official therapeutic treatment from Indian every day’s life chaos). Since in India its high time for elections the alcohol is completely prohibited from all places from Friday (yesterday) to Monday. I must say, for me it’s really weird that to stop people from election crazyness you even have to ban alcohol, but let’s not get into that. So regarding the fact that in Delhi it got quiet exactly same time as I realized myself that i’m missing peace and spending some quality my personal time at home, I went to bed yesterday even before the midnight and this morning I had a great change to enjoy my favorite time of the day in Delhi when it’s fresh, peaceful and alive (the birds sing, the breeze is even cold at some moments, the sun is still on the way to zenith, though no people or noise). Since during the election people can’t get even alcohol, the least you can expect is that the internet won’t necessarily be that much available too, which happened yesterday… So since I couln’t even accomplish the things I was supposed to do for my work, my blog post definitely was pending till this morning, though it was worth it! p.s. Here’s a brilliant fresh piece of electronic symphony for your ears - couln’t be better than that for Saturday morning!

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett by Disclosure.

Cheers, My Dears,

Live from Delhi, Yours,


Rodyk draugams


Amazingly meaninful quote by Diane von Furstenberg!

Ellen von Unwerth “In Search of the Perfect Pink” with Susan Holmes (Vogue UK, March 1991.)

James Zabiela Renaissance on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

With love,

always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Independence in green fairytale land - Lithuania

MINUTE FOR EDUCATION: Today is the day when my country in 1918 got INDEPENDENT! And let it remain this way in green fairytale land - Lithuania!

(Sereikiskes Park - in the middle of Vilnius old Town on the bank of river Vilnele and Uzupis district)

Vakar “Cozy” sutikau Vilniaus herojų, Kunigaikštį :D Jis jau iš vakaro sveikino su Vasario 16-os švente ir sakė, kad būtinai bus jos minėjime šiandien! Tiesa, Vasario 16-os proga prašė 2 cigarečių ir darkart GARSIAI pabrėže, kad visi išgirstų, jog jis tikrai bus Vasario 16 minėjime.

Su nepriklausomybės diena!



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Projecting the new life: personal oasis on a top of the world

*On Sundays even Jesus is having lazy afternoons

They say the more detailed picture of the dream you have, the sooner your dream will come true! Here’s the projection and step to the first day of my new life.

Place to be back - welcoming home far from rush, packed streets and chaos of everything: Ocean view from the top. in the middle of nowhere. endless space and freedom. easy breeze. water blending into the sky. inspiring. relaxing. collecting back to your pure self. peaceful. quiet. cozy. full of horizons. completely unstoppable.

Perfect match for the soundtrack of the home projection. That’s how all this sounds in my head. I’m absolutely excited to present brand new, couple of days back revealed to the world amazing piece by Karma on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:


A. Gliuck

Rodyk draugams

Into 2012: Celebrating the Youth & New Year!

(visual courtesy: Erwin Blumenfeld)

On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Cheers, My Dears & Happy New Years! Stay healthy, wealthy, adventurous, full of love and always young in body, spirit and mind!



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Lalalalalalala!!!! A.K.A. Me & My new Image

Me & My new Image!

The picture was the love from the first sight and it answered to all questions and even more!!!!

And that’s how “me & my new image” almost sounds! Robag Wruhme (remixed by Metaboman) on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

p.s.”Well when you ask teenagers in the USA, what is that they like about the music, the first thing they will say you is THE BEAT THE BEAT THE BEAT”

And I must say, I guess I’m one of them I looove the beat the beat the beat! Especially this beat!

Bears, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Missione a Bombay

I heard it and went speechless, yet comment speaks for it self.


“Jazz music speaks in a language of intimate and boisterous. I felt like it is in my mind with passion and with fusions. I am beginning to understanding it. Significant form of jazz music is an expression of power within. Wow.”

One and only Nicola Conte on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Go with the sitar flow..



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Beat it: breakdance of Moscow suburbs 1986!

*Chill - It’s FRIDAY!

FORBIDDEN AWESOMENESS: visual movement with some serious old school break-beat on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Beat it if you can do better!

This is the episode from the movie called “Courier”. Epic movie from USSR times, also held to be something like “Wild Style” for americans.

I’ve got this kinda a bit freaky attitude towards USSR things: either I hate it or totally love it!

This video got me 110% in to it. So vintage, so old school, so authentic, so GENUINE. Honestly, the moment I realized what I’d just found, I felt I guess as good as winning a lottery or something that has such a low possibility to bring the positive answer - kind of miracle, I’d say!

Even more, it’s kinda exotic. While in the USA the break dance and hip-hop, and street culture was blossoming in it’s first yet more and more expanding steps, in USSR it was 100% forbidden just because it was part of west which meant only one thing - IT’S BAD  and no more discussions on that.
…I could spin on this treasure couple of days more non-stop, but I’m pretty sure I made my point on this pretty clear. SIMPLY TREAT OF AWESOMENESS and perfect for Friday chill - Enjoy!


Yours NoizeWave a.k.a. AFROgliuck

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