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Magic says “DO GOOD DO WELL”

*On Sunday’s even Jesus is having lazy afternoons!

Just watched the “Game Changers” featuring success story of Magic Johnson on BloombergTV and really liked this piece of wisdom!

Do good and Do well!



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Coco’s Notebook

Be THE inspiration

Let this inspire you to to believe in people! I do no matter what happens! And, hey, You, BE THE INSPIRATION!

Cheers, My Dears,


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My first experience of tasting Sparkling blood

*You know what they say - judgy wudgy was a bear”

Here’s a piece to the ones that would read a word “diamond” and right after that would go crazy, how “bloody” business it is and how some one would dare to even think of getting into these kid of things, supposingly becoming one of the horrible supporters of wars in poor tortured Africa..


My Dear folks, please, get your selves introduced  to Kimberley Process (here) .

For the record, I point this out not as not the solution to the problem but as the beginning of your own personal critical thinking which would hopefully lead you to bigger picture a.k.a. without Leonardo diCaprio in it anymore, yet much closer to the reality.

Be open-minded, be critical thinking lead, do question as much as it’s possible, because even though diamonds are fully packed into this mystic cover it really is very interesting niche to think of time to time and to get more knowledge about that as one more thing which is so small but plays so important role somehow.


I remember my first thoughts in the very beginning of getting to know diamond world from closer. It sounded kinda like that:

“I live in this world for 23 years. I travel, I meet people. I’m curious about anything and everything. I read a lot. I’m in constant research of new conspiracy theories. I practically live in the Internet and get thousands of news feeds from all over the world every single day. BUT I never imagined that in this world there is the other world, which always has been there next to me. From the first sight it may seem small, very closed which make is seem as almost in the parallel dimension at the same present as we live. It’s like a big elephant in the room, except I never noticed it! How blind was I? How many more things are happening right next to me and don’t even register them happening? “.

So I’m pretty sure that now you get what I mean by “just get into the first contact with the thing. It may seem and be as nothing huge, but the function of this ‘irrelevant’ first contact may transform, reincarnate, if you like, into the gate to much bigger picture and your new approach to so many great things in the life.

p.s. If the right amount of attention is payed while reading the Kimberley Process brief, your next come back to read yet another blog post of mine will be absolutely different. You’ll perceive ideas with a completely different approach and from the different angle.

P.P.S. You know what, that’s pretty amazing or even incredible and ethereal, how powerful our mind is!

Wish you good luck in the new experiences from the bottom of my heart!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams


“I’m 14 weeks and craving Starburst”

Cheers, My Dears,


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Back to where it all started: 2 bomb blasts & 1 earthquake

“I MISS MY DELHI!!! …what a hell is going on there?..” - that’s my instant facebook wall reaction to the whole thing that just started happening in my second home town, or just home far away from home…

I dedicate this song to everyone I love, adore, sometimes even honestly can’t stand but always want to be back to in MY DELHI! Today You, guys, survived two bomb blasts (god bless everyone) and a cherry on a top - the earthquake about hour ago. Tens of ages couldn’t stop the heart beat of Delhi till now - nothing will stop it ever.

R.E.M. was one THE ones I started with in music. It’s like home for my taste, point of view and lifestyle of what I am. And Delhi is all that too! Back to where it all started with the greatest support for all Delhites On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

I bow down to the city of djinns. Let the peace remain. I MISS MY DELHI.

AFROgliuck - Delhite

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..Nothing is east and nothing is west..

“..Nothing is east and nothing is west.. - we’re all human beings”

Today the united voice of contemporary arabic culture is on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

for more info check it out here:




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Mysterious human nature that inspires for miracles

p.s. Sharbat Gula is a livin’ proof, how big of a change can a single one person be! The only question remains if Sharbat Gula has become at least a little bit happier after all this praiseworthy campaign..

Cheers, my Dears,


Rodyk draugams

Stunning wrinkles of the Shanghai City

I’m pleased to present one more unique (this time urban) artist and definitely pure inspiration on my blog. It’s french innovator called “JR” who’s art could is called “pervasive art” because of working in collaboration with volunteers all over the world, where ever the new JR’s project is taking the place. More about his projects you can check here.

The wrinkles of the city - Shanghai 2010
Uploaded by JR. - Discover more animation and arts videos.

 Now you can make your own image from what the artist tell about his work by him self

BTW, JR is announced as a recipient of 2011 TED Prize Winner (read more about it here) for this project “Women are Heroes”

Uploaded by JR. - Arts and animation videos.

Hope your gonna get inspired. And inspired not only to be creative but even more importantly to collaborate with the world. As JR art proves, the amazing results can be achieved. So I wish you to be those two more hands that make it to the miracle of human phenomena! 



Rodyk draugams


Let this be the inspiration of today or any other day when you feel not really full filled!

I felt in love with the track and the idea from the first seconds of it! And Power Minded Mikko? - by all meanings!

Somebody has to talk in favor of positive. And seems to be that I found one! ;))

Now my only hope is that it gonna spread like virus all over and finally there will be many positive addicted and spreading the virus further.

And that’s how I found this young, definitely charismatic, yet simple and honest, no doubt talented artist (p.s. yes, I do admit the instrumental by Andy Softley, one of my most cheering discoveries of this week, made it to the top with no questions any more ;)) ):

The last to ad: Thanks God It’s Friday!!!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams


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