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Past-me catches up with present-me to confirm future-me

It’s been thousands of times I faced this phrase “even if something wrong happens today, it always leads to better tomorrow“. I was almost about to call this phrase “so yesterday”, since it has seriously been used for too many times, BUT..

Sooo… Even though I stock my info on PC, 2 hard discs and Mac, there’s never enough space. When I decided to get a new movie downloaded it was just too obvious that it won’t be happening unless I erase some serious amount of stuff from my Mac. That’s the point where the wrong (too fully packed Mac) brought me to pretty amazing point of my life. Of course to delete things with closed eyes is just too cruel procedure for me, so I have to check every single thing before it goes to trash. I just opened one document and found  4 lines written down there. I had no clue what any of them meant, but the use of hyphen was a hint that there is a huge possibility it leads to music. (Since the early days I have a habit to write down the song the moment I hear it and like it. Even if it’s in the middle of the desert - i still do that! I mean it!) So I checked the last written line in that document on youtube (the line was “The Go! Team - Get it together”) BTW, the original date of the document brought be back to 2008 September 28. That time I was working as an on-air presenter of the radio show at the most popular “MTV”-type national radio station in Lithuania..

On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:


If someone asked me about my present now, especially to describe it, I’d run out of words immediately. The only things I could say, would be “Transition“. This year (as in my 23 year) was pretty crazy - radical and life changing. It just suddenly dawned on me to switch to completely different career path. So in short, I’d say that somehow during this year I managed to loose my passion for the things I had been doing for ages (which always had made me feel so confident about my self and secure), to come up with an idea to leave everything behind and dive into the very beginning of everything. I flew half of the world for my potentially new career studies (till then I had no clue about diamonds or what so ever..), I quit my job (in music industry) and I decided to become an expert in diamonds & fine jewelry & generally to focus on niche luxury lifestyle industries. (…and actually, to my surprise, not so long after I came back home with my new diploma, it already got claimed publicly: photo of me and my friend from “Fashion Night 2012″ main event got published in lifestyle magazine with the title “media communication expert (my friend) and diamond grading expert (me)”) I spent big part of the year talking to people, how to understand who I am, how to rediscover my passions, how to find the inner peace, how to start hearing my intuition again, I reevaluated pretty much everything from the core in my life, I made a strong bond with couple of very important people in my life, I found oceans of spirituality in myself (who could have ever thought it’s possible with me at all?!!!), I re-believed (if that’s an existing word in English, but you get what I mean :D ) in the world, in people, in the new concept of my potential future life and most importantly in my self.

Basically, somehow in only one year I managed to bury my self to the core and to raise like a phoenix from the ashes. The phrase sounds pretty iconic but trust me the whole process wasn’t that iconic, actually there were some seriously bloody moments at some points. STILL the phoenix has risen! (I still haven’t got rid of all my fears or inside demons, whatever you prefer, and one of them is the fear to jinx the future, so I still can’t reveal what’s exactly is happening at the moment in my life, yet it makes me feel really weird and grateful at the same time, so stay tuned, haha).


Back to the point. I checked the phrase on youtube and apparently it was a song. Moreover, it was a song that apparently I really liked at that point of my life (in 2008 september 28). Because of pretty huge role the music has always played in my life, in the lives of my closest friends and especially because of my strong believe the idea that music is one of the most accurate mirrors of personality, suddenly the past-me just popped out right in front of me again. It brought back all memories of that period life, of me, of my hopes and fears, struggles and joys. Only now I realize how young by all means I was then, yet I still relate to that past-me soooo much. I still like the song I liked then. I like what I see in the reflection of the mirror of that song. And the mostly I like the distance how far I’ve gone from then till now.

Yesterday I faced a strong reality check. The positive one, but it was definitely a reality check, when to be honest, for the very first time in my life I fully understood and embraced the idea of pulling my self together and getting it together in my life. Today all day long while running the errands I kept going through that fact again and again and again. For the very first time in my life everything seems so serious, responsible and real. So clear and so REAL. (Maybe after all, I wasn’t fully right saying that big part of me will never grow up..) During this year, there were many people sharing their wisdom of the life and one of the most often told ideas was to read signs & to listen to people and my self because the answers are always out there (some people said the god gives directions through signs and speaks through lips of people). I remember my self for couple of months spending at least an hour every evening sitting in the terrace of my New Delhi apartment, staring at the blank wall and constantly asking same questions over and over again in hope to finally get the answers.

Today it’s about two weeks till my 24th birthday. Some philosophies claim that people are reborn every 12 year. Personally I always had a thing for 23 - this magic number that I never knew the reason for, so there always was this silent movement in my head going on, that 23 year of my life will be the breaking point, where major changes will happen. Great intensity, signs lined up in the perfect sequence all together and this last call from the past (even though some of you may say - such a minor) coincidence (I know that in reality coincidences do not exist) gave me the final closure and confirmed that even though I’m going through some serious transitional period I’m on the right track and that’s the reason I must remain the faith in all that, no matter how unbelievable it might seem. I always wanted to write a book, but for that I always thought my life should be significant, magic and inspiring. Now I see that my life has started writing that book for me and You know what - I’m crazily excited about the upcoming chapter.

It was pretty awesome and outstanding feeling to catch up with my-past-self at least for as long as the found song was on. I’m grateful for closure and confirmation to be proud, calm, confident, faithful, positive, peaceful and most importantly determined to move on closer towards my Great Empire (as I partially in joke manner and partially in dead serious manner call the package of it all together in my future).

Cheers, My Dears, and till the next catch up already in the future!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams


Have you ever heard of boring life? Have you ever lived one? If the answer is yes, in that case, will you please tell me what it means? Weird favor to ask? Let me tell you something then.

(Moving pictures of my breakfast terrace view. pretty awesome right?)

9:30 am: Beautiful and delicious breakfast in the terrace of the very south of Red sea coast. Temperature: 32 °C….

…at some moments you can hardly see the line between the sky and the horizon of the sea, how baby blue it all is. Amazing staff doesn’t let me stop smiling and is cheering me up with local stories and last heads-up of last moments together before the flight.

(I know.. I know.. it’s kinda really lame to take a photo of even the plate you’re having your food from, but, seriously, even the breakfast plate shouts amazing tropical vacation and the sun even in the morning coffee cup makes the final claim!!!)


7:30 pm: my plane just landed. OMG!!!! It’s crazily windy. Dark of course. It’s the first time I see snow this year.. And it’s 3°C!!!

8:30 pm: I’m running up the stairs, already thinking what I’ll have for the proper dinner after tiring endless hours oldschool plain trip and also thinking what to wear, since in an hour I must be at one of my most beloved friends birthday celebration.

9:30 pm: I’m freaking out. Seriously freaking out. Even though I’ve had food and got dressed, the sparkling ice frozen street I see through the window is driving me crazy.. and the worst part is that I gonna have to drive that street my self… Have I mentioned that I’ve never ever ever driven the car with nobody else by my side? So at this moment I’m thinking that I’m getting out of my mind and getting late too.

9:49 pm: Relationship status from ‘LOVE’ converted to ‘LOVE-HATE’. I used to love Vilnius old-town unconditionally. Now there is one condition why instead of just loving it I also hate - the inside yards are just too tiny and narrow, especially when I have to park the car twice bigger than I’ve ever parked any other cars before… and I’m even more late.

10:11 pm: I’m about to enter the building but these weird people are blocking the main entrance while standing these, discussing something really loudly and painting on some industrial piece which is even bigger in size than the regular human beingWeird night.. I mean it..

10:19 pm: I enter the apartment. I surprise my dear beloved b-day boy, since by the primary plan my plain was supposed to land only day after his b-day, so my show-up was unexpected, say to the very least. Woohoo!

10:22 pm: Door bell rings. “SURPRISE!!!”. Guess who? - weirdos! The same weirdos with weird industrial piece. Apparently it’s a part of the gift to b-day boy :DDD WHAT’S NEXT?..

00:00 (or something like that, since the time just extincted): THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT (see above)!!! and continued for god knows how long (translation: the b-day boy suddenly appears in the kitchen in the costume of the tin man and the new version of “Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz” started.) We sang and danced to the weirdest and lamest songs and also to the most sentimental ones. The weirdos were the ones I didn’t know before, but eventually everyone became one. A.k.a. The only way to survive and have tons of proper fun and blend in was to literally do weird stuff or just crazy or whatever you call and not to worry about how it looks from the outside.


p.s. I love crazy people (they are damn smart in a day time and damn silly at night), because they are awesome!

p.p.s. Happy Birthday, my dear beloved Riccio, once again! :)***

From the oceans of fabulous life,



Rodyk draugams

Emerald Coral Coast and Sahara reminder
(view through the window: emerald colored coral coast during the sunrise after too early wake up)
2012 10 14: ‘Results of throwing myself out of my comfort zone: Too long day, too much sun, too long 16 hours road through the Sahara alone with complete strangers, too early wake up before sunrise, the drive during the sunrise on the liveliest emerald coral coast along the very south of the Red Sea and midnight desert traffic jam because of sand storm made me realize - my life’s damn awesome.. And I can’t be thankful enough for how my life turns up every single second of it.’
Cheers, My Dears,

Rodyk draugams

My first experience of tasting Sparkling blood

*You know what they say - judgy wudgy was a bear”

Here’s a piece to the ones that would read a word “diamond” and right after that would go crazy, how “bloody” business it is and how some one would dare to even think of getting into these kid of things, supposingly becoming one of the horrible supporters of wars in poor tortured Africa..


My Dear folks, please, get your selves introduced  to Kimberley Process (here) .

For the record, I point this out not as not the solution to the problem but as the beginning of your own personal critical thinking which would hopefully lead you to bigger picture a.k.a. without Leonardo diCaprio in it anymore, yet much closer to the reality.

Be open-minded, be critical thinking lead, do question as much as it’s possible, because even though diamonds are fully packed into this mystic cover it really is very interesting niche to think of time to time and to get more knowledge about that as one more thing which is so small but plays so important role somehow.


I remember my first thoughts in the very beginning of getting to know diamond world from closer. It sounded kinda like that:

“I live in this world for 23 years. I travel, I meet people. I’m curious about anything and everything. I read a lot. I’m in constant research of new conspiracy theories. I practically live in the Internet and get thousands of news feeds from all over the world every single day. BUT I never imagined that in this world there is the other world, which always has been there next to me. From the first sight it may seem small, very closed which make is seem as almost in the parallel dimension at the same present as we live. It’s like a big elephant in the room, except I never noticed it! How blind was I? How many more things are happening right next to me and don’t even register them happening? “.

So I’m pretty sure that now you get what I mean by “just get into the first contact with the thing. It may seem and be as nothing huge, but the function of this ‘irrelevant’ first contact may transform, reincarnate, if you like, into the gate to much bigger picture and your new approach to so many great things in the life.

p.s. If the right amount of attention is payed while reading the Kimberley Process brief, your next come back to read yet another blog post of mine will be absolutely different. You’ll perceive ideas with a completely different approach and from the different angle.

P.P.S. You know what, that’s pretty amazing or even incredible and ethereal, how powerful our mind is!

Wish you good luck in the new experiences from the bottom of my heart!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Barcode: edgy & luxurious

This is how my state of mind & perception looks like visually:

They say that sometimes it takes even longer than the life lasts to finally figure it out - who you are, what you like and love, what you stand for and most importantly who&what is ‘yours’ from the bottom of the heart, when no social cliches are applied and you’re absolutely honest with your self no matter what.

…At other times it just clicks, downs on you when you meet someone or see something and you just know - it’s yours. After that you may start the denial part, but I guess that is just too little too late, since subconscious mind just spoke louder than what so ever else could.

Here’s my subconscious mind out loud - I saw and just knew that that’s exactly what I always had in my mind while mentioning “the most edgy in commercial state of mind environment and the most commercial in edgy state of mind environment”.

behind the scenes:

this is the original photo (see above), which caught my attention (while by the very first glance it got completely sold by mix of YSL & tattoo on hand in one pic). Though, after the mere moment, when I noticed the face, I realized - this part is already a bit over the top even for me. Still must admit - generally it looks really kinda cool, ah? ;)

..And some people say that there are no coincidences in life, but let’s leave this part to discuss the other time. I’ll just mention that couple of days back I shared this video on my facebook wall with the comment “worth watching”, now after almost finishing this blog post I noticed - it’s the same guy.

Last thing to say? - undoubtedly - LIFE’S BEAUTIFUL & FULL OF SURPRISES!

p.s. What’s your barcode?


Rodyk draugams

Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle

If someone asked me to continue the title of this post it would sound “Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle or holy trinity of my personal boutique lifestyle approach”. The best thing about boutique lifestyle and one of the biggest reasons I prefer boutique luxury over standardised luxury is the factor of personalization, exclusivity and by all means as fewer “mass - what so ever” as possible. So after having those three photos on my desktop ready to be uploaded to my blog (separately in different posts), I realized that they all have something in common after all. Now I know - it perfectly highlights one of the options of how I’d have my day while leading my boutique (unique, PERSONALIZED, not compromised) lifestyle.

1. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: breakfast in your personal pool.

2. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: lunch on the top of the world or pre-war building in the heart of New York.

3. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: mussels according to french recipe dinner under the chandeliers on the coast.

p.s. Because the biggest luxury is time, the option to choose and getting one and only. Asking of mass - customization? - this time I agree with the idea that sometimes the answer is in the question it self! Being more clear - mass is never exclusive. So if exclusivity defines the quality and luxury, then boutique defines the ultimate luxury.

Cheers, My Dears,

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Life is one big road with a lot of sign: signs of more signs

And very important wisdom worth to follow since it’s told by Anthony Bourdain!

While thinking about life and traveling and both effects on me, I intuitively heard words in my head again, played on my player for thousands of times “life is one big road, with a lot of signs, signs of more signs….” Continue about the connection between life and travel by Badmarsh & Shri on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Badmarsh & shri - signs by True Playa

Always on the road,



Rodyk draugams

Epic Falling Water Illusion

Epic architecture by genius architect Frank Lloyd Wright - “Fallingwater” country house:

Dramatic cantilevered terraces / illusion of water flowing out from beneath the middle of the house / the warm glow from the interior lighting resonating with the autumn colors / harmonious and natural relationship to the setting / strong horizontal lines balanced by the almost unbroken vertical lines in the tower / water moving horizontally in the stream (Bear run) and vertically as “falling water” in the form of waterfalls / and the sound of the flowing water filling the house continuously.

In Wright’s statements his principles are denoted by words embodying deep intuitions: organic, democratic, plasticity, continuity.

” To Wright, architecture was a great inclusive agency through which humankind adapted the environment to human needs and, reciprocally, attuned human life to its cosmos; amid continual changes architecture could keep human life more natural and nature more humane. This idea pervades Fallingwater in accord with the aims of both architect and client, and gives it not only basic meaning but also powerful subliminal appeal.” (Edgar Kaufmann, Jr.)

Always in search of THE BOUTIQUE IT,

Alter Ego

Rodyk draugams

W-O/A-NDERFUL People: beautiful because mad

*Dedicated to all the Mad Hatters and Alices a.k.a. madly wonderful people!

Because my friends and the most memorable people I’ve met in my life are / were / (and I’m pretty sure will be) crazy as hell but ******* awesome and as much inspirational in their own ways as no one else could ever repeat to the same level!

p.s. maybe that’s exactly the reason why I’ve always adored Lewis Carroll and the magic world he created.

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Barranquilla: Carnival that never ends - speeding 100 km/h to your grave

(Barrio Abajo, South Barranquilla, Colombia) chief editor’s opening word for the GUEST FEATURE:

I’m soooo glad to share this blog post with you. It’s great occasion, because legendary Jorge, the Barranquilla guy, I mentioned in my previous blog posts gave me the honers to publish his chapter, officially and personally dedicated to my blogs awesome readers. Meet the life from Shakira’s home town from the first lips of true and proud Barranquillian Jorge Aristizabal!

p.s. If by any chance you have skipped the post of how the story of legendary Jorge and Shakira started, please be my guest to get to know it here ;) (yet to be honest, I just realized how much more the fully untold story must be expanded to get the whole point to the core of it, which extremely important, so stay tuned! And for now read one of the most unique character’s I met in my life, amazingly honest, great friend, widely opinionated, crazy and awesome Jorge’s - dear guest’s feature live from colorful, loud and tropical streets of Barranquilla!

Yours, AFROgliuck



A Common Day in Barranquilla! Part 1.

By: A Barranquilla Guy!

(Kids Full of MAIZENA, is not cocaine!!!)

Well nobody knows where Barranquilla is, at least you know Shakira, so you can remember when she said “En Barranquilla se Baila asi” (In Barranquilla we dance like this), this part is referred to the Barranquilla Carnivals, full of parades, colorful, drunk people, and people full of a white stuff called MAIZENA, sorry guys it’s not cocaine! (see picture above). But these parades full of this stuff are just for 4 days, (officially), but commonly they start like 4 month before that, and for other people carnival starts like 20, 30 or more years ago.

(North Part Of The City)

Barranquilla, is a city, with more than 1.5 million people, divided in 2 big zones, north part of the city, High class people, clubs, good stuff, and the south part. South part is full of people - like 1 million people lived there, full of traditional places to party, called ESTADEROS, also some clubs, striptease clubs (there’s no one in the north of the city :( It’s really bad, I know) and full of the carnival spirit.

(Barrio Abajo - South Part of the city, again colorful)
People from outside Colombia, when they come to Barranquilla and they stay in the north part of the city they say “ok it’s good, nice place, blah blah…” , but when they go to the south part, it’s like paradise for those guys: music everywhere, small grocery stores on every corner, many people outside, drinking beer, or eating something (depends on the day time). In south it’s like carnival is never over.

(Congos, Color Full part of Barranquilla Carnival)
All these sounds, music (tropical music: like salsa, meringue, African music, champeta, and so on) are like magic for the tourist. It’s like a kind of spell over these guys, and also it is very funny to see how they want to dance but they can not do it.

So back to line, Barranquilla, as the City Hall said, is the Best Place to live, and more or less it is true. It is the place, where since you wake up and turn on the radio, you can start your day with some happy music, even some jokes of some comedy man performing on the radio.

Then you probably have to pick a bus or taxi. Cars are available, but consider you’re a tourist. Then you will find 2 types of buses: the normal ones - common buses (big ones, small ones, medium ones, all the size you can imagine) and the city transportation system called Transmetro.

(multi size buses. on the left - medium size bus; on the right - B70 bus from Sobusa)

The first one the multi size buses are colorful, mostly all of then have sound system (like pioneer or other brand are supporting that) and are fast as an airplane. Bus drivers in Barranquilla are one of fastest in the world (!!!!). These guys actually can beat fast and furious cast. It’s like a piece of cake for these drivers, because they have a secret weapon - a bus called B70 (power by a Caterpillar engine). So actually it is a bus, but with the power of a yellow machinery. The other medium size and small size one, are more descent, not that fast, but still fast. You can find ones with A/C, others just air in the wheels, but sometimes it isn’t necessary due the speed of these bus drivers. If you pick windows, you can also get a crazy hair style for free, courtesy of the driver. Also all these buses can stop everywhere, which creates a mini chaos behind those buildings on wheels.

(transmetro buses)

Then you can find Transmetro - more high class, European style, sound less, only can stop in the stops. It has A/C. Also it’s only available if you have Transmetro card (hard to find out the station) and is useful if you are heading or if you live in the south part or in the near municipality of Soledad. At rush hours it is unbearable (like in all the place in the world). That’s not an important point, but it’s boring, crowed and music-less.

(Taxis – ZAPATICO class)
If you want to pick taxi, well - be careful. There’s no meter in Barranquilla, so it’s kind of negotiation between you and the driver. Though, mostly heading to all the part in the north of the city, are 5.000 COP (approx. 3 USD), and if your are heading to the south part it can increase to like 7.000 COP to 10.000 COP (4-6 USD). You can find all sizes of taxi (big ones, small ones, pick ups, all you can imagine), but he price is mostly the same, only some pick ups charge a little bit more. A big part of these vehicles are new, due to traffic regulation. Even though you can still find some old models, the most common ones are Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto, Renault Symblo, Hyundai Accent, JAC Veloce, Hyundai Santro and Chevrolet Spark. In the city we have a funny way to referred to the small taxis - ZAPATICOS (small shoes), because they look like a baby shoes.

Taxi drivers are even crazier than the bus drivers (!!!). The experience of taxi drive here is near to death. You feel like you’re on the back part of a motor bike heading at 100 km per hour. To your grave. But still safe. I think in Barranquilla taxi is like a roller coaster, yet in comparison it is cheaper and takes you to your place.

So this is the end of the first part of a common day in Barranquilla!

p.s. I skip the breakfast, so in the part 2 I will include it :)

Have a nice day, come to Barranquilla, and enjoy this mess :)

Jorge Aristizabal - proud Barranquilla guy

Rodyk draugams


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