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GIVING BIRTH: don’t know what you believe in, but I believe in working my ass off!

Ellen von Unwerth photography

Some personal thoughts, feelings - to be more precise, I decided to spread publicly, in order to hopefully find the starting point. I’m again at the creative process and it’s fucking killing me. No stars - No censure. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be regarding to the present state of mind.

Fresh January (2013) remix by Cirrus tributing Bonobo [The North Borders] on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Since my article (I’m supposed to be writing at the moment) isn’t moving towards the realization of it at all and is completely lost in translation, this blog post just reached the stage of pure monsoon / craziest tropical rain people have ever seen like flood of my driving-crazy-creative-process expression.

this was my facebook status I posted 2 minutes ago: “yeah, well that’s how it kinda goes: looong and ever tiring pregnancy. trance. birth. at least that’s how in the most of the cases it’s supposed to eventually end up.”

so, here are some just found useful brilliant thoughts, that can always be used and followed instead or meanwhile my piece of brilliancy is still on the way to be born.

- Believe in your fucking self. Stay up all fucking night.
- Work outside of your fucking habits. Know when to fucking speak up.
- Good things come to those who work their ass off and never give up.
- Go and fucking find your inner demons.
- Never give up or let someone else make decisions which are supposed to be yours.
- If they don’t like you as the skinny girl you are, try to be a fucking plus-size.
- If life gives you a lemon make sure there is tequila around.
- If being number 14 in the world sucks work harder and become number one.
- If you want to hide go and hide in a fucking smart way.
- If you are going crazy. Don’t worry. Your mind is way too complex to keep it healthy.
- If you don’t want to show your face show your feet.
- Don’t fit in. Fit better.
- They don’t believe in your idea? Ignore it and take the challenge.
- Take pictures of yourself no fucking matter how you look, anyway you are just doing it to prove you are alive.
- You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. Fucking act like it.
- It’s you. The next big thing.
- I LOVE YOU. So go and fucking love yourself.

Last but not least, my personal contribution to the set of wisdom, THE BRILLIANTESTESTESTEST OF BRILLIANT IDEAS AND REALIZATIONS OF MINE EVER (drum roll) you can believe in whatever you feel like, but as long as it concerns me, I BELIEVE IN WORKING MY ******* ASS OFF to make it happen!




Rodyk draugams

Cartier musique session: Exotique Magnifique

Relaxing Saturday vibes inspired by two: beauty of irresistible wild exotic world & brilliant Cartier visuals today on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave! Music guest - Bogdan Postolache with Enigmatic Chill-out Lounge Session.


1. ATB & Enigma - Enigmatic Encounter
2. Oliver Shanti & Friends - Sacral Nirvana (radio Edit)
3. Enya - May It Be
4. XSI - Desert
5. Vangelis - Ask the Mountains - MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PART & DISCOVERY OF THIS SESSION (~17:30-21 minute of the mix)
6. The Gnome - Nocturne
7. Enya - Spirit of Christmas Past
8. Ronan Hardiman - Celtic Dream
9. Enya - Orinoco Flow
10. Adiemus - Adiemus
11. Enya - Storms in Africa
12. Enya - Caribbean Blue
13. Enigma - The Eyes Of Truth

Enjoy the beauty of world fusion!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Ride on the Milky Way with Lemongrass a.k.a. when there’s no way back from the state of “high”

A Fabula by one of my few favorites of the favorites Lemongrass on AfroGliuck’sNoizeWave:

Well well well. I’m back where I’ve started - on tune of miraculous Lemongrass. I just discovered this song and it literally stole my heart! For good. It’s such a weird and pleasant feeling, almost a kind of “a high” state which slowly slowly step by step takes over the entire body while listening. Especially at the point of the tract at 3:05 min - it takes to the space and there’s no way back!!!!

Hope you gonna enjoy the wonderland ride on the Milky Way and further as much as I do!

p.s. The first or one of the first times Lemongrass appeared on my blog with “Sunrise on Fujiyama” it still was the year 2009 and I saw things so much differently.. yet maybe the music mirrors the deepest parts of out existence and spirit core we were born with, ah?

I’m back to my fairytale (I guess, right where I belong to.. after all).



Rodyk draugams

Seduce my phoenix in the rhythm of Rio!

Triya during Rio de Janeiro Fashion Week

DJ Paulo Arruda on AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave on the last Monday before the Easter a.k.a. the feast of the rebirth! May this week bring the great pre-kick-offs for the raise of your inner Phoenix!

I’m happy to say that my week kicks off with some cool news for the promising brighter future. And now it’s time to get back on track to continue the pursue of brighter and exciting tomorrow. I push play and get in chilled vibes to make the perfect soundtrack for productive and sunny today. Join the club! Push play!

Cheers, my Dears!

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Handmade fancy-shmancy Heaven on Earth

*On Sundays Even Jesus Is Having Lazy Afternoons

.. but I wasn’t! I was on a mission! I had these 8 meters of two colors massive ribbon-rope huge beads decorated necklaces bought in India loooong time back and had no clue what to do (with them). So eventually the enlightenment (:D ) has come! I turned them into the pretty cool absolutely wearable tribal - fashion forward necklace. I must mention, pretty heavy necklace.. And by “pretty heavy” I mean 1,03 kg of heavy necklace. Yet still, you must admit, it really looks kinda cool and it’ll definitely work perfectly well as statement jewelry piece for me!

p.s. Yeah, Jesus, keep lazying around, while I will keep building my version of the Heaven on the Earth. Colorful, sparkling, edgy, exotic and fancy-shmancy Heaven on Earth!

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

My Dear Taj, where do your midnight runaways take you to?

Open air verandah at Taj Palace, New Delhi

I’m so flattered to be able to share with you one of my favorite places of my life in New Delhi! We’ve had some awesome midnight runaways and serious discussions with my Indian brother of another mother here. The first time I was taken here by him was because everything else in Delhi was already closed since it was just simply really too late night. Yet this place is always welcoming! And even though it’s not allowed to sit at the tables outside along the pool during the night, we’d always somehow convince the wonderfully hospitable staff to let us to do that! And last but not least, actually the most important - what we would always order - THE CAMOMILE TEA served with piece of heaven tasting almond biscuits! Oh, and sometimes, when it would get more like a really early morning than late night, the peacocks would start their early morning serenades behind the garden. Just like a fairytale in the XXIst century, ah? ;) If you ever happen to be in Delhi, India, this experience is something you simple must go through your self. Really.

I mean, really, what could you beat the cozy or sometimes extremely intense yet always interesting chats in amazing midnight under the mood shine in the middle of Delhi, yet quiet like in the space, pool side open air verandah with beautiful exotic jungle-like Taj Palace garden and hot camomile tea reminding own home and camomile aroma soaked endless meadows in Lithuania with?!

Cheers from sentimental memory card called “Home away from Home. New Delhi Edition”


Rodyk draugams

Pleasure of inhibition a.k.a. Light dose before the sweet dreams

(the Parrosus)

They say music tells a lot about the personality. Well this piece of “Afterlife” is 99% so me! In the whole set of TAO (the second video below) I reckon my self a lot too. So what does that all mean?

5th. & Avenida - Afterlife

TAO - Lounge 5

After a decent dose of perfect harmony of sounds it’s high time to fly.

Sweet Dreams

A. Gliuck

Rodyk draugams

You don’t choose diamonds - diamonds choose you

“Simply the symbol of liberty” for Chanel.

In my case, I always heard them saying “Follow the brightest shining star”. I did.

Diamonds was the breaking point for me, where it all turns changed completely. My world went upside down. I followed the brightest shining star and it guided me well. Now I can’t add more than just the repeated fundamental rule once again: you don’t choose diamond - diamonds choose you.

p.s. I guess, after all, we all have our own dope we get high on. This one is mine.

Cheers, My Dears,


Rodyk draugams

7 días en La Habana

My dears, You are in treat this time here! BIG TIME!

I’ve got an amazing movie to watch for you - 7 DAYS IN HAVANA. You may not have visited Cuba in the real life yet, but the film will definitely bring you the entire 100% authentic atmosphere of it. Unique and incredibly talented actors, wonderfully charming characters, breathtaking cinematography (!!!), awesome locations, hospitable & passionate culture and perfect music! Co-productions of Spain, France and Cuba totally nailed it - worked out brilliantly and you can feel it in each moment of the movie. The type of the movie reminds me of other my beloved movies such as “Coffee & Cigarettes”, “Paris, je t’aime”, “New York, I love You”, the productions of Wes Andersen, Jim Jarmusch and similar. My feeling about this movie in one sentence: IT REVEALS THE TRULY MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO PEOPLE AND REVEALS THE TRUE BEAUTY OF PEOPLE!

Bienvenidos a La Habana!

I just got melted and got familiar with the characters so much in “Jam Session” Tuesday with Pablo Trapero and Emir Kusturic (starts at 20:37 minute) because of the warmth and genuinity (aka what I meant by ” IT REVEALS THE TRULY MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO PEOPLE AND REVEALS THE TRUE BEAUTY OF PEOPLE” above). No masks needed when there’s a magic jam session of life with us every single moment! (watch one of the scenes of this part below)

My ultimate mind blower of this movie is the part “Diary of a Beginner” Thursday, with Elia Suleiman (starts at 55:00 minute). Elia Suleiman’s GENIUS!!!! cinematography in terms of beauty of each shot is my ultimate favorite. The aesthetics, minimalism, composition of the shot and the execution of the main character - perfections! (I’m happy to know I discovered one more icon to follow and be inspired by - Elia Suleiman)(watch a video brief what idea’s Elia had in his mind for his part in the movie below)

Watch full movie here

or here:

or here:

Home page of the movie:

Keep discovering the world, people and YOUR SELF!

Always together with you on the discovery journey Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Possibility of Life: what if you were able to dream what you wanna dream of 75 years of your life?


Possibility of Life to think about - Illusion: The dream of life by Alan Watts

Let’s suppose you were able every night to dream what you wanna dream and you could have a power over one night to dream 75 years of your life <…>

Let’s have a surprise. Let’s have a dream, which isn’t under control, when something is gonna happen to be that I don’t know what it’s gonna be. And you did that and you come out of that and you say “wow, that was in the closest shape, wasn’t it?” Then you would get more and more adventurous and you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream and finally you would dream where you went on. You would dream a dream of living the life that you actually living today <…>

Every one is fundamentally the ultimate reality. <…> You are god, only you’re pretending you’re not.

-Alan Watts

“Watts, like Rowe, showed me how we construct our own meanings about life. That nothing is a given and, since everything is uncertain, we must put together a world view that might fit roughly with the facts, but is never anything other than a guess — a working fiction. This, too, is a typical Zen understanding — that life cannot be described, only experienced. Trying to see all of life is like trying to explore a vast cave with a box of matches.”

-Tim Lott

Alan Watts “was a jester as well as a thinker, describing himself as a ‘spiritual entertainer’. Aldous Huxley described him as ‘a curious man. Half monk and half racecourse operator.’ Watts wholeheartedly agreed with Huxley’s characterization. He carried a silver cane ‘for pure swank’, he hung out with Ken Kesey and Jack Kerouac (he is even parodied in On the Road as Arthur Whale). His English public school-educated voice was rich and deep, like a prophet’s, and his laugh juicy and contagious.”

-Tim Lott

Good night & Sweet DREAMS!

Always Yours,

A. Gliuck

Rodyk draugams


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