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Welcome to the Lithuanian “Burning man” type art madness which never ends and keeps expanding

*Meet me in Vilnius

photography by C. Cesnakevicius

Welcome to Uzupis Republic. Artist area: very boho-type district in one of the oldest and the most authentic locations of Vilnius (my home city and capital of Lithuania). Charming, unique, mad, mysterious and a must visit place in Europe. Expected the next Christiania (Danish autonomous neighborhood of artists in Copenhagen)  of Europe - to be.

Uzupis - politically very straight forward, brave, active, initiative and supportive area in the worldly issues, such as Tibet, Nepal, other controversial topics.

In the photo: white stork in the main square of Uzupis, graphically mixed with a hint of the desert.

White stork is one of the most iconic, symbolic, very closely culturally related, yet sadly extincting, birds of Lithuania. White storks every year leaves Lithuania to spend winters in Morocco, more warm deserted areas, and each spring they come back home to Lithuania to expand their families here. It’s also believed by Lithuanians for hundreds of years now, that if white storks build the nest in the territory of your home - it’s a blessing and good luck. If you get to see the even number of white storks - it’s going to be the promising year for those who look for the partner in life or / and wish to expand the family with the newborns.

Galera - gallery, place for summits, workshops & summer night cinema in the open-air

Come to Uzupis, experience the unique atmosphere. If you are an artist - it’s a perfect place for inspiration. I would definitely suggest to come and join other artists from all over the world, to create something new, great and unconventional. There is no place to be exactly like Uzupis anywhere in the world - which means it is a true undiscovered Gem & treasure on the map of the world. I would call this place “Burning Man type art madness with Lithuanian twist which never ends and keeps expanding!”

Meet me in Vilnius!



Rodyk draugams

Ultimate sophistication according to Leonardo da Vinci

need practical example? see and adore below.

Always Yours,


Rodyk draugams

Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle

If someone asked me to continue the title of this post it would sound “Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle or holy trinity of my personal boutique lifestyle approach”. The best thing about boutique lifestyle and one of the biggest reasons I prefer boutique luxury over standardised luxury is the factor of personalization, exclusivity and by all means as fewer “mass - what so ever” as possible. So after having those three photos on my desktop ready to be uploaded to my blog (separately in different posts), I realized that they all have something in common after all. Now I know - it perfectly highlights one of the options of how I’d have my day while leading my boutique (unique, PERSONALIZED, not compromised) lifestyle.

1. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: breakfast in your personal pool.

2. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: lunch on the top of the world or pre-war building in the heart of New York.

3. Holy trinity of boutique lifestyle: mussels according to french recipe dinner under the chandeliers on the coast.

p.s. Because the biggest luxury is time, the option to choose and getting one and only. Asking of mass - customization? - this time I agree with the idea that sometimes the answer is in the question it self! Being more clear - mass is never exclusive. So if exclusivity defines the quality and luxury, then boutique defines the ultimate luxury.

Cheers, My Dears,

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Barranquilla: Carnival that never ends - speeding 100 km/h to your grave

(Barrio Abajo, South Barranquilla, Colombia) chief editor’s opening word for the GUEST FEATURE:

I’m soooo glad to share this blog post with you. It’s great occasion, because legendary Jorge, the Barranquilla guy, I mentioned in my previous blog posts gave me the honers to publish his chapter, officially and personally dedicated to my blogs awesome readers. Meet the life from Shakira’s home town from the first lips of true and proud Barranquillian Jorge Aristizabal!

p.s. If by any chance you have skipped the post of how the story of legendary Jorge and Shakira started, please be my guest to get to know it here ;) (yet to be honest, I just realized how much more the fully untold story must be expanded to get the whole point to the core of it, which extremely important, so stay tuned! And for now read one of the most unique character’s I met in my life, amazingly honest, great friend, widely opinionated, crazy and awesome Jorge’s - dear guest’s feature live from colorful, loud and tropical streets of Barranquilla!

Yours, AFROgliuck



A Common Day in Barranquilla! Part 1.

By: A Barranquilla Guy!

(Kids Full of MAIZENA, is not cocaine!!!)

Well nobody knows where Barranquilla is, at least you know Shakira, so you can remember when she said “En Barranquilla se Baila asi” (In Barranquilla we dance like this), this part is referred to the Barranquilla Carnivals, full of parades, colorful, drunk people, and people full of a white stuff called MAIZENA, sorry guys it’s not cocaine! (see picture above). But these parades full of this stuff are just for 4 days, (officially), but commonly they start like 4 month before that, and for other people carnival starts like 20, 30 or more years ago.

(North Part Of The City)

Barranquilla, is a city, with more than 1.5 million people, divided in 2 big zones, north part of the city, High class people, clubs, good stuff, and the south part. South part is full of people - like 1 million people lived there, full of traditional places to party, called ESTADEROS, also some clubs, striptease clubs (there’s no one in the north of the city :( It’s really bad, I know) and full of the carnival spirit.

(Barrio Abajo - South Part of the city, again colorful)
People from outside Colombia, when they come to Barranquilla and they stay in the north part of the city they say “ok it’s good, nice place, blah blah…” , but when they go to the south part, it’s like paradise for those guys: music everywhere, small grocery stores on every corner, many people outside, drinking beer, or eating something (depends on the day time). In south it’s like carnival is never over.

(Congos, Color Full part of Barranquilla Carnival)
All these sounds, music (tropical music: like salsa, meringue, African music, champeta, and so on) are like magic for the tourist. It’s like a kind of spell over these guys, and also it is very funny to see how they want to dance but they can not do it.

So back to line, Barranquilla, as the City Hall said, is the Best Place to live, and more or less it is true. It is the place, where since you wake up and turn on the radio, you can start your day with some happy music, even some jokes of some comedy man performing on the radio.

Then you probably have to pick a bus or taxi. Cars are available, but consider you’re a tourist. Then you will find 2 types of buses: the normal ones - common buses (big ones, small ones, medium ones, all the size you can imagine) and the city transportation system called Transmetro.

(multi size buses. on the left - medium size bus; on the right - B70 bus from Sobusa)

The first one the multi size buses are colorful, mostly all of then have sound system (like pioneer or other brand are supporting that) and are fast as an airplane. Bus drivers in Barranquilla are one of fastest in the world (!!!!). These guys actually can beat fast and furious cast. It’s like a piece of cake for these drivers, because they have a secret weapon - a bus called B70 (power by a Caterpillar engine). So actually it is a bus, but with the power of a yellow machinery. The other medium size and small size one, are more descent, not that fast, but still fast. You can find ones with A/C, others just air in the wheels, but sometimes it isn’t necessary due the speed of these bus drivers. If you pick windows, you can also get a crazy hair style for free, courtesy of the driver. Also all these buses can stop everywhere, which creates a mini chaos behind those buildings on wheels.

(transmetro buses)

Then you can find Transmetro - more high class, European style, sound less, only can stop in the stops. It has A/C. Also it’s only available if you have Transmetro card (hard to find out the station) and is useful if you are heading or if you live in the south part or in the near municipality of Soledad. At rush hours it is unbearable (like in all the place in the world). That’s not an important point, but it’s boring, crowed and music-less.

(Taxis – ZAPATICO class)
If you want to pick taxi, well - be careful. There’s no meter in Barranquilla, so it’s kind of negotiation between you and the driver. Though, mostly heading to all the part in the north of the city, are 5.000 COP (approx. 3 USD), and if your are heading to the south part it can increase to like 7.000 COP to 10.000 COP (4-6 USD). You can find all sizes of taxi (big ones, small ones, pick ups, all you can imagine), but he price is mostly the same, only some pick ups charge a little bit more. A big part of these vehicles are new, due to traffic regulation. Even though you can still find some old models, the most common ones are Hyundai i10, Kia Picanto, Renault Symblo, Hyundai Accent, JAC Veloce, Hyundai Santro and Chevrolet Spark. In the city we have a funny way to referred to the small taxis - ZAPATICOS (small shoes), because they look like a baby shoes.

Taxi drivers are even crazier than the bus drivers (!!!). The experience of taxi drive here is near to death. You feel like you’re on the back part of a motor bike heading at 100 km per hour. To your grave. But still safe. I think in Barranquilla taxi is like a roller coaster, yet in comparison it is cheaper and takes you to your place.

So this is the end of the first part of a common day in Barranquilla!

p.s. I skip the breakfast, so in the part 2 I will include it :)

Have a nice day, come to Barranquilla, and enjoy this mess :)

Jorge Aristizabal - proud Barranquilla guy

Rodyk draugams

Sky Shopping for the most glam Bulldog on this Earth

*Things you can bribe me with

Amazing porcelain pendant (necklace) by absolute porcelain masters for centuries now in Europe - MEISSEN!

(750 rose gold 1,9 g, 1 white diamond 0.03 ct) Though most importantly the shape of bulldog! For as long as I remember me and my parents we have always had a thing for bulldogs. So getting it as a piece of jewelry, hand made by one of the most skilled people in one of the most delicate industry - porcelain world is quite a treat. The pic above is the exact piece I could easily get bribed with!

Behind the scenes:

While flying from Delhi to Frankfurt on 26th of June (2012) I had more than enough time to browse all journals in the plane until eventually I found the one I should have started with in the very beginning of my flight - shopping journal. So of course successfully I enjoyed my sky - shopping to the fullest until i found THE EXTRAORDINARY!!! Amazing piece I saw for the first time but I think it could seriously be the love from the first sight or almost that :D here’s the photo below, i took with my iPhone as a reminder to check more on Meissens porcelain work and even more importantly of course their JEWELRY works! That’s the bulldog that concurred my heart :D (I mean seriously: could it be more chic, snobbish, classy and traditional European than bulldog made out of porcelain carrying golden chain with the diamond pendant?!!!)

p.s. Signing exactly a month I’m back from Delhi to Vilnius.

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

Wrist Materpiece by Jaeger-LeCoultre

I saw this and completely felt in love. Impossible not to recognize, always breathtaking, delicate, sophisticated, one and only - Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Jaeger-LeCoultre perfect example when a watch becomes a masterpiece. Perfectly executed engraving, enamelling, gemsetting, the best quality of materials and hand work, well thought design, very art deco and very classy conceptual solutions for reversos (and non reversos). Most importantly, everyone can personalize one’s own JLC Reverso. More about:

Jaeger-LeCoultre and personalization here.

Generally about Reverso here



It’s all about art, luxury, exclusive lifestyle & boutique attitude!

Always Yours,

Posh Yang

Rodyk draugams

ANNA 1988

Tribute to Anna Wintour. Her first cover as an editor at Vogue (US) in 1988 November. With adorable Michaela Bercu (in Christian Lacroix jacket & GUESS jeans).

p.s. I love this jacket! It’s definitely one of those few things you can EASILY BRIBE ME WITH!!!

Get it for me and i’m yours!

Posh Yang

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