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Barcode: edgy & luxurious

This is how my state of mind & perception looks like visually:

They say that sometimes it takes even longer than the life lasts to finally figure it out - who you are, what you like and love, what you stand for and most importantly who&what is ‘yours’ from the bottom of the heart, when no social cliches are applied and you’re absolutely honest with your self no matter what.

…At other times it just clicks, downs on you when you meet someone or see something and you just know - it’s yours. After that you may start the denial part, but I guess that is just too little too late, since subconscious mind just spoke louder than what so ever else could.

Here’s my subconscious mind out loud - I saw and just knew that that’s exactly what I always had in my mind while mentioning “the most edgy in commercial state of mind environment and the most commercial in edgy state of mind environment”.

behind the scenes:

this is the original photo (see above), which caught my attention (while by the very first glance it got completely sold by mix of YSL & tattoo on hand in one pic). Though, after the mere moment, when I noticed the face, I realized - this part is already a bit over the top even for me. Still must admit - generally it looks really kinda cool, ah? ;)

..And some people say that there are no coincidences in life, but let’s leave this part to discuss the other time. I’ll just mention that couple of days back I shared this video on my facebook wall with the comment “worth watching”, now after almost finishing this blog post I noticed - it’s the same guy.

Last thing to say? - undoubtedly - LIFE’S BEAUTIFUL & FULL OF SURPRISES!

p.s. What’s your barcode?


Rodyk draugams

Saturday Morning in a Lemon Tree Loggia

***My Real Life Like Fairy Tale***

Sound Early Saturday Morning @ Home away from Home - Meet My Lemon Tree!

In Lithuanian they say you’ll never regret if you wake up early. And at least this Saturday morning I can’t argue with that.

I finally have home away from home a.k.a. my current home is in South New Delhi. It’s save neighborhood with guards and park inside, two floor apartment with adorable foll of plants terrace, which just completely got the apartment sold the moment i saw my future loggia (FIY, it was right choice - now watering my mini garden in the mornings and talking to them before sleep is my official therapeutic treatment from Indian every day’s life chaos). Since in India its high time for elections the alcohol is completely prohibited from all places from Friday (yesterday) to Monday. I must say, for me it’s really weird that to stop people from election crazyness you even have to ban alcohol, but let’s not get into that. So regarding the fact that in Delhi it got quiet exactly same time as I realized myself that i’m missing peace and spending some quality my personal time at home, I went to bed yesterday even before the midnight and this morning I had a great change to enjoy my favorite time of the day in Delhi when it’s fresh, peaceful and alive (the birds sing, the breeze is even cold at some moments, the sun is still on the way to zenith, though no people or noise). Since during the election people can’t get even alcohol, the least you can expect is that the internet won’t necessarily be that much available too, which happened yesterday… So since I couln’t even accomplish the things I was supposed to do for my work, my blog post definitely was pending till this morning, though it was worth it! p.s. Here’s a brilliant fresh piece of electronic symphony for your ears - couln’t be better than that for Saturday morning!

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett On AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave:

Boiling ft. Sinead Harnett by Disclosure.

Cheers, My Dears,

Live from Delhi, Yours,


Rodyk draugams

India State of Mind

Getting ready for the takeoff. Back to home away from home! Already feeling the Delhi time rhythm running in my blood.

MY DELHI LIFE: Enjoying the breakfast in sunrise @ Presidential Palace & Parliament House


A. Gliuck

Rodyk draugams

“Feels like Autumn” - the END of the golden ERA in Delhi

AFROgliuck @ Lodhi Gardens, Delhi

AFROgliuck @ Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi

“…Feels Like Autumn…”

I felt the strong and not hot anymore wind blow and heard tree leaves shaking, which brought me to a sudden feeling / understanding: ”…Feels Like Autumn…” That’s what I said this early morning at about 3:30  a.m. (2010 May 28th) walking down the street in Lajpat Nagar with my room mate from the parked car back to home. We were coming back home from the legendary “Euro nights” that were given birth by my friends - the ones that came up with an idea, the ones that iniciated it happen, the ones that were true spirits of the guaranteed succesful and entertaining parties, the ones that were loyal to party hard until sun raises, the ones that made the best after parties and the ones that we were having coffee all together with right before the sun raising in one of so few 24/7 shops in South Delhi.

“Same Same But Different”

That is an other phrase, that you can hear quite often here. It is a direct translation from hindi, by which it’s meant to say “very similar, but different”. That’s what I can say about my beloved and finally domesticated Delhi. I finally know how it works here, I know how to deal with autorikshaw drivers (and it’s not annoying any more - just an other day) and many more other bajas (or at least when it’s annoying, I’ve learned to ignore it, so that for me it just doesn’t exist at all), I know where to find things I am looking for (and even if not, then I know the right people to call and ask about it), I even got to learn how to bargain and I must admit now I am enjoying it like a natural reflex (while previously I was just soooo bad at that and I generally hated it), I face and pass so many people on Delhi streets every day. And now this over populated place seems to be as perfect as it is. I can’t even imagine it in other way. I even got to learn how to notice “solid gold” (that’s how I call good, interesting things / phenomenas, starting with clothes and finishing with amazing people) in a big pile of rubbish. And by rubbish I mean mess and absolutelly unnecessary things / phenomenas, that every other place in the world has the same percentage as Delhi, just the population of Delhi makes it look even more.

“In Autumn The Leaves Are Falling Down”

I guess it’s not a coincidence that in american english the autumn is called fall. It’s because the leaves are falling down. Sometimes, and most of the time, in fact, it is very beautiful, but on the other hand it is sentimental and it forecasts the upcoming end. End of the season, end of the year and in this case - THE END OF AN ERA.

That is the best example, how controversial beauty can be. I love northern autumn very much. I love the beauty of it. So many colors everywhere. At first on trees, afterwards everywhere on the ground. Feels like you’re walking on the pallet of all possible colors of the world. Until suddenly even you become a part of an amazing and unique nature’s art of batika.

Every coin has it’s two sides

The coin of fall’s beauty is not an exception to the rule as well. At first I learned to notice the solid gold. I find it a really big value. In fall if you look carefully, you will notice that in every leaf of the tree there is a golden part too, that makes everything around sparkling and glowing as never. Charming. So charming. But exactly that is the sign of the golden era, which is turning to the end of.

Golden tree of magic people

In northern hemisphere the summer just started, but in my personal hemisphere the summer is turning to the very end. In fact, the fall has just started. If my world was one big magic tree, then all those beautiful, charming, lovely, colorful, so different and so perfect leaves would be people I met and felt in love with here. And those leaves one after an other have just started falling down. They are not on the tree anymore. And you know, the biggest paradox is that only when the leaves fall down they start turning to even more golden color. In other word, when you loose, you start appreciating and missing them even more.

“Leave while it’s still golden era”

I can’t even count how many times I was considering this quote. And all those times I was coming up with the same conclusion, that it is pure truth. But now I am again back to consideration of quote. Maybe this case is different… The most important question for me, regarding the statement, was the memories, I would have afterwards (the peak of cheering moments or already much more traquille time). But this time, for me it is the matter of feelings: what hurts less - to leave or see people leaving?

Only now i get to understand, that only after experiencing the end of golden era, you can evaluate the real picture of what has happened. Everything starts, grows, reaches the peek (golden era) and eventually ends. Only after experiencing and surviving the natural process you can get the real feeling. It’s like a chapter of the book (not the whole book just because the book is the life, and the chapter leaves the idea of friendship continue in upcoming chapters / periods of book / life), that does not make the whole sense and does not bring the exact picture, until you don’t get to the end of it.

It’s not always only about the result, sometimes it’s about the process on it-self

I wouldn’t dare to say that this case is only about the result. Fairly not. If the process wasn’t special I wouldn’t have even reached the end of it. And by “it” I mean the GOLDEN ERA. From the bottom of my heart I am telling, admitting and highlighting, that I am definitely the lucky one, to have met all those people and experienced such amazing moments (doesn’t matter how shocking, annoying, lovely or INCREDIBLE they were). Everything was sooo strong and sooo surreal!!!

Cry me a river

And it really felt so.. It doesn’t matter, that usually I’m so tough and not emotional in sense of crying, but I cried for some of you leaving. I was even surprisingly sad and couldn’t even understand my self for that. And it truly hurt, but it just proves how important and close you’ve become for me.

P.S. Thanks even for the lie, which was so real, that until the last minute, when you even left, I still believed in that ADVENTUROUS story.. (in which all other still believe, no matter how sad and disappointing, on the other hand, it is) it was so exiting and apparently soooo fictional.. but 10 points for imagination!!!! GRACIAS or I should say  TASHAKOR!


What goes around - comes around.

Thank You, crazy people, for amazing sleepless nights and even more amazing early mornings together!

It’s been pleasure and honour to meet You all. I thank You for meaningful chats, for secrets spoken out loud and trust! For inspiration and belief! Now It’s my hope to meet you again.

I bow to all of You,


Rodyk draugams

Changes Changes Changes !!!

Delayed “New Year’s Resolution”

Let this be the very first my blog post in English. The idea was included in my “New Year Manifest”, but unfortunately it took longer time to make it happen than I was expecting.

Every season has it’s time

On the other hand, I somehow tend to believe, that every season has it’s time. And my time has just come. Of course, as every thing else in the life, even the first english blog post has the reason behind. There are huge changes going in my life at the moment. I have to admit that it’s very exiting but scary at the same time as well. That’s the last post I wrote on my Facebook wall a few minutes ago: “... and again the thrill all over me with butterflies and fairies inside! New begining - scary but so exiting!“. I always believed, or it’s better to say sensed, or I say in much easier way “knew” what gonna happen. It was just a matter of time, because I knew what I wanted and trully from the bottom of the heard believed in that happening one day. The scariest thing is that now I sense that IT STARTS HAPPENING.

Back TO even before leaving from INDIA

I’m sitting in South Delhi shopping mall with a really nice garden out side. By the way it is very close to my home, where at first I thought I sattled for a while, and now it’s getting obvious that it’s for much longer while than I was expecting. Am I happy? I think yes, but also I could say YES and NO. It’s so amazing to have this strong feeling that it is starting. It is so nice to know that so many new things will come to my life. So great to understand that finally I will do the things that I wanted and knew that it’s what I can do best, just because I love it. It’s unbelievable how much person can reach while one is absolutely dedicated for that. And I am. The great BUT “I gosh here it comes”. It’s always like this in my approach to the life. I choose my choice and at the same time think of the things I am loosing for that, in stead of being just happy about the things I am getting out of that!

The only one real UTOPIE

The great “BUT” consists of so many things that I couldn’t even mention all of them. Starting with the most beloved friends, that sometimes (and sometimes in my life happens quite often, I must admit) know what I need even better than I personally do, family, that any ways will be a part of me, my best pet ever Chinchilla (about which people in India say “chichuachua” :D ), african room where you enter and start flying right at that moment you make a first step in, Noragiskes - the best place to live ever, tiny and cozy oldtown where the streets are never the same and the architecture telling the number of stories for you on the way. Cafes where u could sit for ages and talk about every thing what exists and not yet exists (just because of not yet finished process of creation) in the world with snowing pink blossoms in the background, so that it turns every thing to the fairy tale, or even more - to the only one real UTOPIE.

Sentiment - artificial not any more

Four seasons, when you put your warmer clothes on for the first time of freeze after mild and so colourfull autumn, the first gloves for catching the whites snow flakes, the lighter jacket after the first sun gazes after dark but without any doubts cozy winter, hearing the first sounds of grass hoppers and infinity of stars falling on your head while making wishes in the middle of the night in the end of August, and finally again reaching first blossoms snowing on your head and on the way picking the coloured leaves on the streets in the beginning of Autumn. These are the things you could never replace. Either the nature or the colours of sun in the evening sky are different or simply the feeling is just not the same. Which is why, when at first I created an artificial sentiment (here), which would make me feel missing my home while staying in India, now it’s not artificial anymore. Now it is real. The missing, loving, appreciation and cherrishing.

Wisdom of African Swahilli does not always help in India

People come and go. It is so and it must be so. But it is strange that the thing for which I was preparing my self started happening on the highest gear it could. I cannot even bear it any more. Now already for the past 10 years I know and have told to my friends so many times. That was the wisdom of swahilli: “Even if our roads part, we will stay on the same earth under the same sky”. I understand. And even more, I want to believe. I know it is true, but it is not so easy just to walk on the same earth and live under the same sky, when you can not come, see, touch, hug or keep silent together any moment you wish to any more. Any way, what to do.. You can’t push or pull, so if it is happening, it’s meant to be so. The only thing I leave for my-self in my hands is strength, positiveness and belief that doesn’t matter how rocky the road will be, the final destination will be reached successfully and the taste of life will be even stronger.


I am leaving my heart back at home.. My first, pure and incredibly long lasting love. That’s the most driving crazy part. Or just the best challenge to check how strong it is..

BUT “absence to love is what the wind is to fire: when it’s a small fire the wind kills it, when it’s a real fire - it intensifies it.”

Cheers my Dears,

AFROgliuck "Toys at dry cleaners in India"

AFROgliuck "Toys at dry cleaners in India"


Rodyk draugams

Paveluotai atejusi ir dziuginanti iki vaikisko krykstavimo ziema kova!

“Per viena nakti nuo 40 laipsniu karscio iki vos siekiancio 15-20 laipsniu silumos salcio” - taip tiksliausiai gali apibudinti, kas ivyko vos pries pora dienu.

Isvykome i neilga kelione, i pagaliau mano issvajotaja Indijos siaure. Savaitgaliui. Po 6 valandu traukiniu ir dar 12-14 valandu autobusu, labiau panasesniu i skarbonke, kuri tuoj galutinai iseis dalimis, namo (i Delhi) nusprendziau nebegrizt maziausiai savaite. Stai direkcija: Delhi - Manali - Parvati Valley - Dharamsala (Himanshal Pradesh) - Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) - (jei busim laimes kudykiai) Pakistano siena. Viso 1281km i viena puse be Pakistano sienos. O kaip gi isties baigsis, turbut net ir vienas Dievas neisivaizduoja!

Obuoliu salyje: Manali, Indijos kalnu Sveicarija

Tiesa, Manali pirmieji vaizdai buvo neitiketino grozio! Pradzioj pasijauciau lyg mini Japonijoje - zydinciu ziedu rojus kur tik pazvelgsi aplink! Paskui susivokeme, kad cia obelys. Kiek tik akys uzmato visur kalnai, pakalnes, sleniai, upes vaga (plati, bet kol kas sausut sausutele, vietoje vandens zvyra apsigyvendinusi) ir kontrastui - aukstai, bet jau nebe taip toli matomos dar vis apsnigtos kalnu virsunes, o cia pat panoseje ir kiek tik akys aprepia iki virsuniu lygio rozinis sniekas zaliame fone.


Baisingai buvau pasiilgus sniego! Ne, “baisingai” netgi ne visai tinkamas zodis. Neisivaizduoju, dar ko buvau gyvenime taip pasiilgus. Per Kaledas braukiau graudziai asara (cia hiperbolizuoats issireiskiams), klausydama Frank Sinatros ir leisdama laika kalnuose Indijos pietuose, vien del to, kad truko lietuviskos Kaledines dvasios - sniego.

Jaukus siaurietiskumas - lietuviskumas iki pat kaulu!

Veliau isgirdau, kad man griztant is pietu, Delyje dar vis didziulia salciai, tai slapta vyliausi, kad ten bent akies krasteliu pamatysiu snaiges, ir nesvargu, kad tik krentancias, nes iki nukritimo spetu istirpti. Ir apskritai, pasiilgau vaikscioti susitraukus is salcio, apsimuturiavus penkiolika sluoksniu. Pasiilgau matyti pro sali einancius zmones - su nuraudonavusiomis nosimis, dar raudonesniais skruostais ir drakoniskai iskvepiancius garus - graziausia, kas tik gali buti. Tikra, paprasta, naturalu ir zavinga zavinga! Kagi, pagaliau sulaukiau issiilgto ziemos reiskinio!!! Kaifuoju. Ko betruksta iki pinos laimes, tai vakare, pro langa girdint svilpianti veja, tingiai sedeti apsimuturiavus siltu dekiu prie rusenancio zidinio su karstu vynu rankosel. Rasau ir “mirstu”, kaip kaifuosiu, kai sekanti karta budama Lietuvoje vel tai darysiu! Vat ir pasireiske mano lietuviskuams visa savo esybe!

Taigi, is relaxuojancio savaitgalio Manalyje kelione virto Indijos siaures kalnuotu vietoviu ekspedicija. Aisku, dar tik pradzia, bet ka tikrai galiu pasakyti, tai - SO FAR SO GOOD!!!

Vizualas butinai atsiras, nes nupasakoti vaizdo tiesiog neimanoma, tai nuotrauka bent is dalies atskleis zavesi, sarma, charizma ir viska, kas tik gali buti geriausia!

Myliu Jumi, mano jaukus siaurieciai,


Rodyk draugams

Delikatesas pietums: Kas butu, jei indusai nusprestu persikraustyti i menuli?

Delikatesas pietums - AFROgliuck’sNoizeWave transliuoja tiesiai is menulio:

paskutines naujienos chilloutinant, bet jau be zemes traukos, sokinejant nuo kraterio ant kraterio, vartantis kulversciais su dideliais saplvotais salmais ant galvu ir oldschoolinem uniformom is folijos!

Cheers, Mates!

Flashback: linkejimai kompanjonei is kosmonautisko pietu prancuzijos laivo, kartu slowmotion’u varant “walking on the moon”!

Indai kraustosi i menuli!

Stai rezultatas to, kas butu jei indusai, nusprende, kad jiems jau netgi zemeje per anksta del savo populiacijos ir dar labiau del jos augimo, persikraustytu i menuli!!!

Ir zinokit labai rimtai cia viskas. Salia Delio yra absoliuciai modernus rajonas, pavadinimu Gurgaon. Ir netgi tenai prie stikliniu pastatu ir bendro labai kosmonautisko vaizdo su 8 eiliu keliais, pora aukstu viaduku ir pan, visvien gatvese toliau sekmingai prekiauja “bajos” su savo ivairiausio plauko vezimeliais, kupinais ivairiausio plauko turto - nuo vaisiu ir svieziu vaisiu sulciu po 50 lietuvisku centu iki oldschooliniu ir jau kone aukcione galimu parduoti blusturgiu prototipo daiktu, kurie cia, rodos suguzi is visu imanomu pasaulio krastu, ir visai nesvarbu, kaip toli jie bebutu. Aciu Hanumanui, Ganesh’ai, Shivai ir dar milijonui kitu Indijos dievu, kad pas juos blusturgiai dar neigavo pagreicio, tai uz centus fortuna gali isigyti - tiesiog TO-BU-LA!

Skaniu pietu, geros dienos ir nepamirskit karts nuo karto pakosmonauti, juk taip gyventi daug idomiau!

AFROgliuck Ice-creaming in Colombo, Sri Lanka

AFROgliuck Ice-creaming in Colombo, Sri Lanka



Rodyk draugams

“Myzantys Indijos Berniukai” - naujosios kartos reverse graffiti technika!

Instrukcija: KACIALINAM dziugesi!!!

Sikart trumpai, drutai, be parkes ir chilaxinant (chiloutinant + relaxinant), kai viskas yra ne tik gerai, bet tiesiog puiku (aisku, klausimas, tik kiek ilgai tai truks, bet tikriausiai, tai ir yra zaviausia gyvenime - nuolat stebina)!

Stadija, kai pajauciu, jog reik kazka keisti gyvenime, buna tada, kai pajuntu, kad manes niekas nebedziugina. Bet zinau ir kita dalyka, kad dziugesi dazniausiai turi susikurti pats. Vakar nusprendziau, kad mane dziugins SOKTI SOKTI SOKTI. Ir tikrai dziugino. Taip prasokau iki 4 ryto. O siandien jau 9 ryte, atsibudus be zadintuvo ir su salyga, kad net i mano indiskaji koledza farmhouse nereik eiti, pradejau suktis kaip bite darbininke. O po poros valandu sulaukiau dar didesnio dziugesio - mamos skambucio!!! Va sitas tai uzvilko, mano dziugesys pakilo iki euforijos stadijos, tai dabar su dideliu smailu ant veido, placiom ir spalvotom indiskom klesnem, issitarsiusiais plaukais ir absoliuciu chillaxu viduje kacialinu (a.k.a. ramiai tusinu dzigiai bunu su patosu). Join me!

“Varom Ciurlioni”

video pradzia puikiai atspindi bendra ir ypatingai rytiniu kamsciu situacija Delyje, apie kuria norejau papasakoti jau nuo pat pirmu dienu, kai pradejau rytais keliauti i savo mokykla (a.k.a. universiteta). Gatves Indijoje paprastai yra tapusios vienu dideliu viesuoju tualetu! Nereciau negu kas 15 metru stovi po inda nusisukusi i siena ir be parkes “varanti ciurlioni” (nuo zodzio ciurlenti, o ciurlena kaip zinia vanduo ir kiti skysciai). Pradzioj buvau ne tik pasipiktinus, bet ir sokiruota, kaip gi taip atvirai gali buti. Veliau pradejau suvokti, kai tai turi savu privalumu taip pat. Zinoma, apie moralinius privalumus svetimiems sneket ne neverta, nes tokiu paprasciausiai nerasta, bet, zinokit, galiu pasakyt ranka prie sirdies pridejus: sienos nuo indisku vyru juosmens aukscio ir zemyn yra kur kas svaresnes negu likusi ju dalis! (gaila, kad jie labai jau zemi, tai neatnesa tiek svarinimo naudos, kiek galetu bet kurios kitos vakaru pasaulio salies vidutiniai vyrai atnesti :D ) Bet tokiu butu jie svarina savo viena uztersciausiu miestu visame pasaulyje. Tiesa, tik ka kilo mintis, kad sitoki sienu valymo buda butu galima netgi uzpatentuoti, pavadinus irgi trumpai ir drutai: “Reverse Graffiti in Indian style” :D

Myzancios barbes devyndarbes

Aciu Dievui ir universitetui, kad grafikas pamoku nors ir itemptas (nuo 9 ryto iki 6 vakaro be langu), bet uz tai tik tris kartus per savaite. Rodos, vien tik nuo to, mano akys, morale ir pasipiktinimas bendrai sumazina savo procentaluma, ziurint i zemaugius didvyrius kas 15 metru. Tiesa, kartais Delyje gyvendamas gali to netgi pasiilgti, nes kurgi kitur isvysi besislapinanti maza vyra (zinau, kad pabreziu, jog jie baisiai mazi, bet tai buvo dar viena indijos dalis, prie kurios reikejo ismokti priprasti. Kazkaip bijau, as tokiu “vyru”. Gal del to, kad esu pripratusi prie lietuvaiciu is stuomens ir is liemens, graziu, simpatisku, romiu ir, svarbiausia, vyrisku!), kuris tuo pat momentu snekasi su kaimynu (gal netgi reiketu sakyti kolega, nes uzsiema ta pacia ciurlenimo veikla), klausosi muzikos is savo nuliovo, nors ir nespalvoto, bet jau su opcija parsisiusti melodija, mobiliojo telefono ir, zinoma, jei pamato baltaode, ne nesuglumus, imancio vapeti viena kita, bele tik moka, angliska zodi, kad tik atkreiptu demesi. Beviltiska ir apgailetina, bet labai juokinga! ;)

Pasmerkti amziams dainuoti polifonkes - “Tikri” Indijos vyrai!

Cia dar viena nauja savoka. Zinot, kaip buna, kai is didelio rasto, iseina is krasto? Tai vat, cia panasus atvejis, todel ir pavadinau juos “tikrais” vyrais. (na, ir, aisku, iki supermenu, truktu, ugio, smugio, svorio, kune ir ypatingai smegenyse, sarmo, zavingumo, svarumo!!!, paslaptingumo, kuklumo, etc etc etc). Kad jau uzsiminiau apie Indijos vyrus, tai dar trumpai panagrinesiu juos ir tada pabaigsiu si blogo post’a. Taigi, kaip jau minejau, kai atvykau i Indija, buvau isgasdinta ypatingai Indijos “tikru” vyru: mazi, kudi, perkare, uz tai rengiasi kai rock / pop stars. Jei drabuzis blizga, ismargintas pirmosiomis Disney animacijomis (nors jie ne zalio supratimo, kad Disney savoka apskritai egzistuoja, o juolab animaciniai filmukai su tais paciais herojais neturi), rastu margumynas ir viskas vienoje vietoje - tobulas pasirinkimas. O kai jau pradeda sokti tai virsk is koto - kratosi, trinasi vieni i kitus, atrodo, lyg kudykiai perrengti neskoningai drabuziais ir kazkur ten ties grindimis elektros kratomi bendo seksualiais buti. Siaubas - baubas - ne kitaip.

..Ir tada pasirodo, kad is ties, jie bando pakereti moteriskosios lyties atstoves tokiu budu. Mat Bolivudo filmai rodo, kad einanciai panelei gatve indas uzniuniuoja ir taip iki altoriaus nusitempia. Ir dabar kaip uzburtas ratas: “tikti” indu vyrai ziuri bolivudinius filmus, tada bando tai pritaikyti praktikoje, o tada bolivudas rodo realija naujuose filmuose vel su nuniuojanciais indais. Nelieka nieko kito, kaip tik pasikartoti: siaubas - baubas - ne kitaip!

Prologas - myliu ir gerbiu vyrus!

Prasau nepriimti nieko asmeniskai. Prasau nesusidaryti klaidingos nuomones, kad arogantiskai sudirbineju vyrus ir esu baisi feministe. Vyrus gerbiu ir myliu. Kiekviena diena prisimenu savo draugus, kurie yra nuostabus ir nepakartojami, todel kartais juokauju, kad matyt mane netgi sugadino. Kiekviena karta suvokiu, kiek daug turiu ir kokia sekminga esu, kad butent sitie vyrai yra mano gyvenime! (mieli draugai, laukiu jusu asmeniniu padeku uz tokius didziulius komplimentus man asmeniskai i mail’a :D ) Kai tokie tobulybes yra salia, visiems kitiems aplink keli tokius pat aukstus reikalavimus! O be to, kartais is to indisko is proto vedancio chaoso lieka tik dvi iseitys: iseiti is proto arba imti juoktis is to!

Last but not least: netgi kiekviena taisykle turi isimciu (siuo atveju, aciu dievui, kad ir Indijoje isimtys egzistuoja vyru tarpe)!

Taigi ir cia pazistu KELETA indu, kurie yra irgi tokie pat vyriski, paslaugus, rupestingi, nuolat sugebantys prajuokinti ir tuo paciu visada leidziantys jaustis saugiai! Bet cia juos netgi dar labiau vertinu, nes tai absoliuti mazuma! Respekts, Harish’ui (indui, kurio nuolat klausiu, ar jis isties indas, nes skiriasi nuo daugumos kaip diena ir naktis!) - juoku katilui, be kurio gyvenimas Delyje butu kur kas labiau komplikuotis ir tikrai juokciausi kur kas maziau! Graci!!!

Mano vyras bus rusas!

Ir dabar racionaliai mastant, kai tevai vaikysteje, kai buvau jauna ir kvaila (ir gerai, kad jauna, nes tai vienintelis pasiteisinimas, kuri galiu rasti vienam kvailiausiu dalyku pasaulyje - generalizuotam tautos nemegimui) grasino, jog jei nemegsiu rusu (o as ju vaikysteje savo kieme nemegau, nes jie siukslindavo visur spjaudydami “semkes” ir nesugebejo ismokti zodzio “saulegrazos”), mano vyras bus rusas, tai dabar kasnakt arba netgi penkis kart per diena pradesiu kalbeti poterius, kad tik i vyrus negauciau “pasmerkto polifonkei tikro vyro”.

P.S. Na, ir dar karta pasikartosiu profilaktiskai: “kartais is to indisko is proto vedancio chaoso lieka tik dvi iseitys: iseiti is proto arba imti juoktis is to!” Taigi mielieji, susikibkime uz ranku, sukalbekime poterius, kad AFRO grybo i vyrus negautu, ir tada nuosirdziai choru kartu is visko pasijuokime! ;)

Offtopic: “GEEEERK ARBATA” ;) - tarptautinis Australija - Indija telefono pokalbis

siandien ryte kalbejau su mama telefonu, o po pietu ji vel paskambino. Ziauriai keistas jausmas, bunant taip toli, sulaukti skambucio ir dar dukart i diena. Atrodo, praejo milijonas metu, kai nuolatos susiskambineti, gyvenant vienoje salyje (dabar ji Australijoje, as Indijoje, o pokalbiu tarp situ saliu planai yra tiesiog nuostabus - pigiau aborigenisko grybo!), buvo taip iprasta.  Ir pokalbis, toks paprastas ir apie absoliuciai buitinius dalykus. Ryte, mama isgirdo, kad as uzkimus, po pietu paskambinus dar bent pora kartu primine “GEEEERK ARBATA” :D Bet turiu pripazinti, dar vis krykstauju is dziaugsmo, kaip gera buvo sugrizti i “senus” laikus. Kambariokai gali patvirtinti krykstavima :D Jau laukiu kito skambucio. Ne, skype kalbeti ne tas pats :P

Ir pabaigai moralas: Jei jau pjauti i lankas, tai bent jau is visos sirdies! ;)


AFROgliuck @ IIPM cantine (mano universtitetas Indijoje)


Rodyk draugams

BUITINIS TERORIZMAS arba indusai isprotejusios europietes nelaisvej

Taip nutinka tada, kai interneta uzsisakai penktadienio popiete ir sutarti pasirasai su pacia TATA interneto vieno is franciziniu ofisu savininke, kuri ispeja, kad sikart interneto ivedimas truks iki 48 valandu (kai paprastai trunka 24val) vien del to, kad penktadienis.

ir tada prasidejo linksmybes iki apsivemimo (tiesiogine prasme, niekas neveme, bet moraliskai buvome arti to!)


Bicai eina i ofisa, pasigede netgi skambucio is ofiso ar betkuriu techniku, kurie turejo iki vakar pasirodyti musu namuose. Aisku, tai (nesugebejimas informuoti ir pasirodyti tol, kol paskelbiamos paiekos) jau kulturinis bruozas, vienas ryskiausiai pastebimu ir isimenamu is indu ir taip amziu sugadinto jau turbut ir genetiskai isparazituoto mentaliteto (iskart turiu pasakyti, kad tai nera taikoma absoliuciai dauguma. cia normalius ir zmogiskus indus labiau uz auksa, platina ir deimantus vertinu! Bet, deja, ju labai mazai. ir kad ir kaip bebutu liudna, tas “over populated” salies faktorius tiesiog zudo betkokias viltis apie nestokojancius elementaraus common sense indus). Taigi nuejus i ofisa paaiskeja, kad, “pasirodo”, negavo (vienas dazniausiu “atmazu”), nors savom rankom davem, identifikacijos nuotrauku i sutarti (juokaujame, kad cia savo identifikacijos nuotrauka reikia nestis net pas kirpeja einant), del kuriu visi darbai ir sustojo. O pasiskambinti mums, matyt, per brangiai kainuoja, ypac tada kai stumdai telefono, interneto ir televizijos paslaugas.

Pirmos dienos rezultatas: nuotrauka buvo cia pat kaipmat atiduota ir prasidejo ilgas laukimas rytojaus (kas originalo kalboje jau galetu tapti oficialiu hinglish kalbos colocation “tomorrow, madam”)

Antradienis arba itemptas eilinio darbininko grafikas NEDIRBTI!

Tikriausiai jau nebenustebinsiu, kad, savaime suprantama, jog jokiu skalbuciu zadetu laiku (pirma i duris, veliau su didziule viltimi bent i telefona) nesulaukem. Bandem skambinti mes. Atsakymas: darbininkai kazkur uzstrigo. O ju darbo valandos labai ribotos: ryte ne anksciau 12 ir mazdaug iki 14 valandos - kas reiskia NIEKADA PER PIETUS DARBININKO NESULAUKSI Ir kitas itempto grafiko laikas, skirtas klientams: vakare, mazdaug nuo 17 valandos (is indu kalbos isvertus reiskia ne anksciau 8), o dazniausiai rezultate, kalbant su savo europieciais isgelbetojais ir vieno likimo broliai indijoje, gali pasakyti “and the workers never showed up yesterday evening”. Tai pasakiau ir as savo likimo broliams, dalindamasi indisku absurdu, kuris veda is proto ir pirmu reisu is indijos.

Treciadienis. Metam mokykla ne nepradeje jos

Neinam i “mokykla” (taip pavadinom musu posh ir fancy privatu, butina pamineti, indiska, truputi apsimelavusi ir turejusi bylu netgi tarptautiniu mastu butent del statuso “universiteta”. Sita statusa, matyt, irgi patys issigalvojo, nes gerai skambejo. Kaip ir visa Indijoje, musu “universitetas” gerai atrodo is isores, matyt, del tos pacios priezasties ir durininkus kaustytais batais ir metalo detektoriu vartus laiko taip pat is lauko puses. O kai ieini i vidu, pirmame aukste sutinki marmurines grindis, pingviniskas moteris ir vyrus su kostiumais, ala labai jau rimtus, didele saraskino kontora, kurioje, pirma, atrodo, darbas verta, o, prabuvus ilgiau negu 3 minutes supranti, kad surmulys yra vien del to, kad pingvinai ir pingvines is neturejimo ka veikti vis diskutuoja kokius “opius visuomenei klausimus”, o ju isvadas aiskiai apipavidalina nuaidintis ir bent pora minuciu besitesiantis nuosirdus kvatojimasis. Tiesa, kol saule sviecia, gali lankytis ir kituose mokyklos aukstuose, bet kai tik pradeda lyti, tai i mokykla eiti nebereik, nes pirmas aukstas buna uzlietas per iejimus, o trecias per duris, ir sienas, kurios neitiketina, bet netgi nesumurytos tarpusavyje ir kampuose gali lengvai iskisti ranka iki alkunes i lauka. Ir geriausia dalis yra du pulo stalai, pastatyti garbingiausiose ir pastebimiausiose mokyklos vietose. Nera lazdu. Maza to, jie dar ir istiklinti. Priezastis: kad niekas nelistu zaisti, ne tam gi skirta! :D ), nes siandien laukiam pazadetojo interneto techniko, kuris, atrodo, bent jau Delyje yra persona, turinti didesni uzimtuma, negu pats prezindentas, o gal netgi ir ponas dievas (pastaruju Indijoje, tikriausiai, yra netgi daugiau negu interneto techniku. Sitokia mintimi galima butu save raminti vis laukiant, bet sikart netgi paskutinis argumentas nebepadeda, kai lauki daugiau negu savaite.

….Po dar daugiau laiko.

Ir tada apsireiske ponas dievas

Pagaliau musu namus pasieke interneto technikas su pagalbininku. Pakimarine ir paspaudineje vos pora mygtuku, mums visiskai ramiu veidu pranese, jog internetas veikia. O kai uzklausem apie bevieli, absoliuciai ramiu veidu mums atsake, jog tai pas mus tiesiog neimanoma. Kai mano kantrybe pradejo duzti lyg ploniausiais pasaulyje porceliano puodelis, iskosiau pro dantis, jog butent uz ji mes sumokejome netgi 4 menesius i prieki, todel man nusispjaut, kokiu budu, bet bevielis internetas turi veikti! Zinoma, as ne pirma ir ne paskutine tokia, todel jie jau turejo pasiruose pora atsakymu paketu, kuriais siuo atveju ir pasinaudojo. “Pasirodo”, yra tam tikru labai jau ypatingu gedimu ir tai gali buti sutvarkyta tik per pora dienu ir paciame “TATA” centre, o ne musu namuose.

Pirmas bandymas - rami tarpduryje

Vos isgirdau “pritrenkiancia naujiena”, kuria per telefona spejo man pakartoti gal jau koki puse milijono kartu kiti interneto berniukai “ant linijos” pastarasias 5 dienas, as atreziau viena: “Niekur neisit, kol bus nesutvarkyta”. Aisku, indai, atrodo, arba apkurte, arba netgi stokojantys poros rieviu savo smegenyse, ramiu zingsneliu, susirinke savo motoroleriu salmus, patrauke link laukuju duru.

Not so fast, folks!

O mes dar pacioje pradzioje, musu islauktiesiems sveciams pasirodzius, juokavome, kad paslepsime salmus ir neatiduosime, kol problema del interneto nebus isspresta.
Na, salmu neslepeme, bet stovejusi tarpduryje, taip ir likau ten stoveti, nejudedama. Tiesiai sviesiai, VEL pakartojau, kad tikrai jie niekur neiseis, kol nesutvarkys. Atrodo, pradzioje, nesuprate situacijos tiesiogiai susijusios su europieciu kantrybe, technikas su asistentu patrauke prie kompiuteriu paspausti dar poros mygtuku. Savaime suprantama, DEL VAIZDO.

Antras Bandymas

Sikart atsisedau tarpuvarteje (i musu busta yra vedancios dvejos durys: pirma gelezines durys / vartai is laiptines, po ju seka stumdomos dur

ys i buta), nes suvokiau, jog stumdomu duru slekstis man tikrai igris laukiant geresnio oro, patiuninto bevieliu internetu. Galu gale, kai matai, jog tai truks dar bent pora valandu, stoveti yra tieiog nepatogu. Tai isitaisiau savo siaudiniame mingstasuolyje salia darbininku tases su rakandais viduje ir toliau laukiau… Stebejau…

Reikalai rimteja

Sikart jie isvis nesibodedami, bent pavaidinti, jog vaisingos ju pastangos nepasiteisina, vel patrauke kryptimi “lauk”. Aha, prasideda. “Asistento” p

aklausiau juokais, ar jie iseina, o jis man lyg niekur nieko atsake, jog taip. NE! Atsistojau, pakartojus ir vel, tikriausiai, antra pagal geruma tapusia legendine dienos fraze “niekur neisit, kol internetas nebus sutvarkytas”, supratau, kad to neuzteks.

Ir tada palengvele TIESIOGINE PROGRESIJA pradejo kilti vejas Malviya Nagar L block’e

Malviya Nagar apylinkes (tai naujasis mano gyvenamosios vietos Delyje adresas) toki sauksma, matyt, jau seniai girdejo. O dar anglu kalba, galbut, isvis buvo ir pirmas kartas. Kai technikui ir jo asistentui iki smegenu niekaip neprisisiekdavo mano siunciama zinia, teko pakelti balsa. Kai pamaciau, jog bergzdzias reikalas. Iskosiau, kad ju tikrai neisleisim. Ir jei ju tai netenkina, gali jau dabar pat skambinti i ofisa ir sakyti, jog isprotejusi europiete juos ikalino uz grotu (musu laukujai vartai yra kone identiski grotoms). Ir, zinot, aciu dievui, kad jiems taip isreziau, nes lig siol, ka daugiausiai buvome pasieke, tai klientu aptarnavima, su kuriais pokalbis vykdavo labai paprastai ir primityviai - iki pirmo klausimo su tiksliu laiku, kada sulauksime techniku.. o po to sekdavo tik ilgas PYYYYP PYYYYP PYYYP (nemanykit, kad keiksmazodziai :P turiu omenyje, telefono numesto ragelio garsa.)

Keiksmazodziai seke veliau

Taigi pagaliau pradejau telefonu sneketi su visokio

plauko “menedzeriai”, kurie kiekvienas vis savo versija pasakodami, tvirtino, kad pradzioje po poros dienu, veliau nuskambejo Indijoje zveri europieciuose pazadinantis TOMORROW.

…If tomorrow never comes…

Vat tada tai nuskeliau! Tiesiai sviesiai pasakiau, jog patys prisidare sau problemu su savo “tomorrow”, nes jis mums tesesi pastarasiais 5 dienas, kai laukeme ir nesulaukdavome! Siam pokalbiui pasibaigus ir tapus faktui labai akivaizdziam, kad sikart uzsakovai tikrai rimtai ipyke, darbininkai vel sedo prie kompu. Taip baigesi ju antras bandymas iseiti is musu namu su perspektyva sugrizti “tomorrow”, tik neaisku, kuri “tomorrow” (ar tomorrow, ar tomorrow after tomorrow, etc, etc, etc).

Trecias kartas nemeluoja.. Netgi Indijoje!

Technikams grizus prie savo darbu, as grizau prie savuju.. T.y. patraukiau darbininku tases is tarpuvartes. Vartus uzdariau, uzstumiau spyna (tiesa, dar neuzrakinau) ir atsisedau lyg cerberis prie vartu is vidaus. Noresi praeiti - pirma susigauk su baisesniu padaru negu pats cerberis!

Kova ivyko!

Neprailgus ivyko ir trecia istorijos dalis, kuria galima butu pavadinti pabaigos pradzia. Trecia karta darbininkams nieko nepadarius ir vel bandant istepti slides is skestancio laivo (cia modernaus laivo versija, jei ka, todel sitas laivas skesta, kai internetas neveikia), as tiesiogine to zodzio prasme pasiutau. Tuomet apturejau garbe sneketi telefonu nebe tik su “menedzeriu”, bet sikart, rodos, su “rimtu menedzeriu”. Pradzioje negalejau tuo patiketi, kiek reikia saukti, kad prisikveistum normalu zmogu kitame telefono ragelyje, kuris sneka angliskai, sneka nelauzyta anglu kalba ir netgi supranta, ka tu jam nori pasakyti! Atrodo, kad man reikejo saukti vien tam, kad prisikviesciau, nes telefono linijos neturi tokio gero rysio, kaip tiesioginis. Gal jis isties mane isgirdo kitame Delio gale?.. Na, cia jau pasvarstymai, kurie niekam nereikalingi ir niekur neveda, nes jau ko ko, o logikos Indijoje ieskoti ne neverta pradeti. NEAPSIMOKA!

“I don’t give a f*uck about your f*cking problem, we’ve been waiting for f*cking five days since the last friday!” - fraze, tapusi legendine ta diena

Taip, kalta. Pripazistu. Cia citata, sekusi po grasinimu policijom, ambasadom, atleidimais, uzdarymais (visi pastarieji padejo prisisiekti iki “top menedzerio”) is mano finalinio pokalbio su top menedzeriu, kuris pabaigoje vel pradejo pezeti apie laukimus, ir jau nebesvarbu, kiek tiksliai laukti. Tiesiai sviesiai jam pareiskusi, kad ju zmones is musu namu neiseis tol, kol neatsiras kazkas, kas siandien sutvarkys interneta. Pagaliau sulaukiau teigiamo atsakymo: “po valandos”. “Na, ir puiku”

,- pagalvojau as sau. Cha, pasirodo, ne as viena tokia minti galvoje turejau. Vos pasibaigus telefono pokalbiui, technikai susirinko savo salmus ir jau ruosesi VEL keliauti pro duris. As juos vel sustabdziau. Sikart, pareiskiau, kad jie cia bus tol, kol ateis kitas zmogus, atsakingas uz musu interneto gedimo pasalinima.

“It’s only an hour. Now you can check how many hours will last 60 european minutes in India”

Vel apturejau pokalbi su menedzeriu, kuris pasake, jog jo darbuotojams, reik vaziuoti toliau dirbti, todel jie negali pasilikti. Ir po to seke ilga mano istorija sukista i mazdaug 3 minutes monologo:
1. Visu pirma pasakiau, kad kaip jie negerbia mano laiko, jog pastarasias 5 dienas sedziu namuose ir laukiu, o jie net nepranesa, kad siandien nepasirodys, as turiu pilna teise negerbti ju indiskos valandos.
2. Jei technikai iseis, vel niekas nepasirodys, nes indams tiesiog nusispjaut.
3. Juk tai tik valanda (telefonu sakydami, jog turesim laukti valanda, jie sove is dangaus ir visai be pagrindo, kad tik nurimtume, isleistume darbininkus ir vel pradetume savo ilga laukima iki sekancio karto, kuris isvis nezinia kada ivyktu. plius: valanda indijoje statistiskai, remiantis indai draugais ir darbininkais, trunka nuo 2.5 valandos iki never ever), galu gale. Technikai sunerimo, ir ne be pagrindo. Jie puikiai zinojo, kad ju valanda gali uztrukti iki velyvo vakaro…

“islaisvink indus is isprotejusios europietes nelaisves”

Ekstremaliso situacijos net indus isjudina. Neitiketina, bet praejus valandai ir gal 30 minuciu musu namus pasieke kitas technikas. Rodos, ofisas, tikrai sukele visus ant koju i gelbejimo operacija “islaisvink indus is isprotejusios europietes nelaisves”.

Rezultate: pagaliau turime interneta! Ir veikia bevielis. Ir siandien. Ir visai nereik dvieju dienu gedimui sutvarkyti. Ir problema visai nesusijusi su ju centrine bustine!

Moralas: Supratau, jog noriu nenoriu, bet turiu pripazinti, jog mano anglu kalba Indijoje tiesiog bujoja! Jei jau sugebi ne tik gincytis, bet is saukti telefonu, keiktis tuo pat metu, taip, kad suprastu, ir dar isaiskinti technine problema, vadinas bent jau anglakalbeje aplinkoje nebeprazusiu!

Pamoka: teroras naglu veidu ir dar su sypsena - stai kokia pamoka parsivesiu is Indijos!

P.S. Greitai irasas apie “Kaip LAUKEM mes dedes “plumber’io”

Buckiai is sylancio, o kartais net verdancio is laukimo Pietu Delio,

AFROgliuck @ Mocha Mojo (pop-art cafe in Mumbai)


Rodyk draugams

“As chilinu, Tu chilini, Jis Ji chilina, mes…”

"Paradise in Mirrisa (Sri Lanka)" by AFROgliuck

"Paradise in Mirrisa (Sri Lanka)" by AFROgliuck

Laikas: Atograzu ziema. 2010 sausio 21 diena sauleta ketvirtadienio popiete. (pastarosios detales specialiai blogo irasui buvo tikslintos, nes: cia laikrodziai nematomi, nes jie patys nusprendzia, kada eiti, o kada sustoti. mobilus nenaudojami, nes jie irgi chilina isjungti. savaites dienos neegzistuoja, nes saule visvien kyla ir leidzias, bangos visvien ritas i kranta ir atgalios.. klausite, kaip visa kita? - atsakymas labai paprastas: “VISA KITA CIA TIESIOG NESVARBU”

Scena: Pietu Srilankoj: saule, Indijos vandenynas, palmes, kiek tik akys aprepia, ir medine bakuze.

Veiksmas: Lipu laiptais ir linksniuoju: “As chilinu, tu chilini, jis ji chilina, mes…”

Moralas: Ot geras gyvenimas :D:

Uzkulsiai: “Bakuze” turiu omeny ta medini namuka, kuris matosi nuotraukos fone su siaudiniu stogu ir staliukais po juo.


*vat cia turetu buti video is sri lankos, kuris trunka nedaugiau negu 3 minutes, bet youtube bande uzkrauti daugiau negu para. Rezultate? Snipsto de la sri lanka interneto because of neighbourhood of indian quality and OFCOURSE “INDIAN PRIDE”,bet netgi tai nebesvarbu.nera to, bus kita. ENJOY!

p.s. Silti ir sauleti linkejimai nuo Indijos vandenyno krantu is po palmes pietineje Sri Lankoje (Mirrisa).

p.p.s. Pagaliau sugrizau i bloga… ale ilgai truko… Trumpa versija kodel: nuo Gruodzio su kuprine ant peciu keliavau skersai - isilgai per Indija, kol pagaliau netiketai atsiduriau cia ;)

Jusu Chilinanti,


Rodyk draugams


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